Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday Favorites #123

In case you missed it this week:

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I also have a video to go with the July 4th Wreath, it might be my favorite wreath to date.

This past weekend was Mini Fox's first ballet performance. She was just the cutest thing ever. Friday they had a full dress rehearsal, she thought she was hot stuff in her hair and blush.
We are going to have problems with this one, she already is fighting over how much make up to wear. She wanted eye shadow and some lipstick too. We settled on some blush and some sparkly highlighter.

She did fantastic at her performance the next day. I can't even believe she got up there and did her thing. The lighting where they had us taking pictures was awful, but I still love them.

Sunday was Baby Fox's half birthday party. He wanted a Minions party, and Minion party he got. I had fun with this one. I think the coolest thing I made were the Minion Twinkies.

Some other fun party stuff.

Cousins...darn this one is blurry, oh well!

I think the kids had a blast!

Baby Fox loves the happy birthday part, part embarrassed, but mostly just excited that everyone is singing to him.

This was the cake I tried to make for his birthday on chirstmas, but it iddn't turn out, I LOVE the way it came out. I followed this tutorial.

 A full recap with tutorials on what I made coming later...whenever I can get my act probably never...hehe, just kidding. It will happen!

Linking up with The Blended Blog for another week of Blended Blog Loves, where I share blog posts from around the blogging world, cause let's face it we all need to support each other right?

Have you met Tif? She's awesome and has great taste in clothes. I just love her outfit this week, perfect summery dress.

The Blended Blog has a Summer Time Fun blog hop and link up every Monday and this week they're asking you some fun questions. Come link up with us and let's get to know you better! Here are the questions. It's a super simple blog post before the 4th of July!

Seems like this week has been all about the books. The Blended Blog has their book review and others have been doing book reviews. I want to read all of them, espcailly  Whitney's recommendation. I just love the author, Jennifer Wiener. Plus she said you could read it in one day if you wanted, I'm in.

Oh my gosh how embarrassing is this?! But super funny.

Last week I showed the behind the scenes this is the full trailer and it comes out at Christmas, it's right around the corner, can't wait!

Bring me back to my childhood, Bayside is coming to Los Angeles...just consider me there.

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