Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Camo and Coral

Hello Foxy Friends! Today I have a two for one. While we were in Toronto and walked a bazillion miles looking at everything Toronto I had a chance to take some photos of my outfit. So get ready to see some photos that are NOT my backyard, I know you're jumping for joy too.

These pants arrived Wednesday before I left for Toronto, and when I put them on I knew I had to work it into my wardrobe. I was going to link them, but it looks like they are all sold out, boo!

and of course I had to do a jumping picture in front of a graffiti wall.

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Planning: Currently planning a Mom's Night Out for tomorrow. It got postponed from last week to this week, and now it's turning out that many can't come till later, so I'm thinking about pushing it back 30 minutes. Other then that, not planning much.

Wishing: That I had more vacation time to spend with the kids this summer, but alas I don't, stupid corporate world, not giving us enough vacation time, but I am glad that we have some fun things planned for this summer.

Learning:  How to use my new Cricut. I have several projects I want to do but using new software freaks me out, so I've been avoiding it.

Browsing: All of the fashion things. I mean as soon as I put a self imposed shopping ban on...I find all the things I want. Like this, this and this

Going: To swim lessons. Usually we take the school year off and then start back up for the summer. My mom was a genius and said, why don't you make their lessons for after Baby Fox's karate class, so he'll go to Karate and then swim lessons right after. Perfect timing. I hope Min Fox learns lots. She's pool safe, but she doesn't know any strokes or anything. Baby Fox knows the basics to most of all of the strokes, but we'd like him to become a better swimmer. I think I might be the only parents that sits there and watches the entire lesson. I like to know what they are capable.

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