Monday, November 20, 2017

$10 Target Haul: November Edition

I'm back again, with another $10 Target haul. You know what, when I went to Target, the Dollar Spot, or rather $3 spot was almost compeletly empty...see what I mean? They must have been changing over from Halloween to Thanksgiving/ I had to go find stuff elsewhere.

First I headed over to the jewelry department to try and find something there...I did find this necklace, but it didn't compel me enough to buy them.

Then I tried over in clothes, they're clearance rack was seriously lacking...nothing there.

 Time was not on my side, as I was here by myself, but had to get back home to go somewhere afterwards, and I had several other stops to after searching high and low and coming up emtpy handed, I settled on some random things that we needed in the house.

I picked up the Sharpies, because who doesn't love those, and I used up all my Sharpies doing a Wine Cork Pull (eventually I'll blog about that). And I had initally gotten the glitter paint as a stocking stuffer for the girl, but Baby Fox was going through my bags and saw it...and announced, hey it's glitter paint! I knew I couldn't then put it in the stocking, because for some reason Baby Fox thinks Santa leaves the stockings too. We never told him that.

So that's it, here is the price break down.

Sharpie: $3.99
Glitter Paint: $5.49

Tax: $0.78

Total: $10.26

So I went over a little, stupid tax. I should really get the red card, but I never remember to bring a check to tie it to my account...So what did you get for your $10?

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