Thursday, November 2, 2017

Sentence A Day: October Edition

1- Tried to go to the movies, sold out, some disappointed kids.

2- Mini Fox's first day of gymnastics class, she loved it!

3- Dinner with just my mom and sister, nice to get out and chat without other distractions.

4- In denial that I'm getting sick, so I might as well try to sweat it out with a hard workout?

5- Another night out with a friend from 7th grade, love this girl!

6- Up till 3am working on my fundraising project.

7- Rushing around getting ready for the fundraiser gala, which I documented.

8- Finally we got our butts in gear, got there SUPER early, got in and got good seats for 8 people, I might have fallen asleep, oops.

9- Fires everywhere, I hope everyone stays safe, many prayers to those who lost everything, so much devastation lately.

10- That run felt great despite feeling sick.

11- Still feeling sick but hoping I can sweat it out at the gym, I'll probably regret this decision.

12- Just got word we have mandatory overtime, boo!

13- Got the car washed after a bazillion years and went out with the bestie!

14- Tried out a new play place, so freakin' Awesome! Can't wait to go back and try some stuff out myself!

15- Pretty much a miserable experience at the pumpkin patch, but at least we went to the pool afterwards and spent some down time.

16- Mini Fox's favorite day, gymnastics day!

17- Man, Mini Fox is having a rough day, poor thing.

18- R.I.P.P.E.D I love Wednesday workout days.

19- Working over time sucks big time...

20- Boo Bash at the school, so much fun!

21- Soccer and church, I like days when there isn't a lot on the schedule.

22- Birthday party fun, followed by an afternoon by the pool = a fun day.

23- Holy heck it is hot outside!

24- Off to a friends house to watch the Dodgers play, Go Blue!

25- Man that workout was hard.

26- Say what? Baby Fox is winning Student of the Month, so glad I opened that random envelope in Baby Fox's backpack!

27- So proud of Baby Fox and getting Student of the Month, only 1 out of 80+ 1st graders.

28- That trunk or treating was pretty dang awesome.

29- Man, what a game!

30- Getting sick...again, NOOOOOO!!!!!!!

31-Such a fun night, 7 years of doing this with these people and counting!

It's only November 2nd, you have time to catch up, join us next month for Sentence a Day, link up is December 7th!

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