Friday, November 24, 2017

Gifts She Really Wants

Hello Foxy Friends.  I hope you Americans had a good belly stuffing day of Thanks with family and friends. I'm back for day 3 of Blogmas! Today we're all sharing another gift guide. I decided since I have already done gifts for kidsfavorite gifts to give,  beauty gifts for her, and gifts for him, I would share my gift list. I would be super happy with any of these things under the tree, hear that Mr., hint, hint!

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1. Ever since The Blended Blogs trip to Canada and half the group was wearing Adidas Superstars, I needed a pair too!

See what I mean, goes with so many outfits...the options are endless, I need these!

2. I have always strayed from long sweaters, but after seen a few vertically challenged fashion bloggers wearing them, I"m thinking I need to rethink my stance. I think this grey sweater would be a perfect start.

3. Is there anything better than being comfy when it's cold and rainy out. Why not be stylish too, this loose sweater meets all the criteria for being a perfect lazy, lounge-y day sweater.

4. I've owned a couple of pairs of this brand of pj's. They are so stinkin' soft, and so worth the price! I don't have any PJ's that look like this, so it would be the perfect edition to my growing collection.

5. I really want a soft box light to do product shoots and to light some of my YouTube videos. For under $100 I think this is a great deal and can help me shoot at night, instead of waiting for the weekends. With day lights savings time ending, I don't get much time to get stuff done!

6. I have wanted a Diva Ring Light for a while now. I figure I've wanted one the last year, it's not a phase and I should probably get it, that's how that works right? Again this will help with YouTube videos and with doing stuff at night. A whole new world if I can film at night.

7. Funny story about my hair dryer, when my sister and I shared a bathroom, and when she left for college we had to get another set of everything, since we shared everything.  I bought a travel size hair dryer...20+ years ago, and while it still works, it's not the best, and I know there is better out there. I have wanted another hair dryer for the last 5+ years but never found one I liked, but this travel hair dryer is PERFECT! I might have already bought it. It's on Ulta and Sephora's Black Friday sale for $99. Seems like a lot of money, but if you think about it, if I keep this one for another 20 years, that's only $5 a year...seems like a good deal to me....#girlmath

8. Now that we're out of the diaper bag phase (for a while now), I've been using my camel back packback, but I'm ready for a nicer looking backpack to carry around while I'm out with the kids. For under $50, I think this backpack would be perfect.

9. I saw this Eye Shadow Palette and I think I HAVE to have it. It has such pretty colors in it, colors which I don't already own, so that means even though I have 6 other palettes I need this one too, right?

10. I have a few friends with this Bootie, it looks so good on, and they say it's comfy...which means I need them to, plus I don't have anything in this particular color...and it's on sale. See them on my friend Shelly, don't they look fantastic?

Okay, so these are 10 things on my list of things I want for Christmas. What is on your list?

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