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5 Camping Foods To Make

Hi Foxy Friends! Happy Monday! Hope you are all having a great start to your week. This is another short week for me, so I'm happy about that (off Friday for me this week). Anyway, today on The Blended Blog, we are talking more summer things, but this time camping food. So Mr. and I have been camping a few times...the first few times we did the same things, and then this last time in Yosemite, we really stepped up our game. I'll break it down for you, before 2017 and after...

| ONE | Frozen Steak

This is also a good tip. I freeze a steak before we leave, so it acts like both a block of ice and then while we were driving and eating other stuff it would thaw out (we usually eat this on the second or third day). Add some

| TWO | Potato, Onion and Steak and/or Bean Burritos

Cook some potatoes in the microwave before you leave, and put in foil to bring with you. Then you can make a yummy potato breakfast (since you are just cutting and heating the potatoes, you don't have to wait for them to cook). We usually add in some onions and either do a bean/cheese and potato burrito or add some eggs and have a breakfast burrito. Sorry the picture quality is so poor, had to screen shoot from Costco website, I seem to have misplaced these photos...oops!

I can't remember what was mixed with this, bean or steak...but I can tell you it was delicious taco. we added some pico de gallo.

| THREE | Dutch Oven BBQ Chicken, Bacon and Potatoes

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Dutch oven cooking for camping...have you heard of it? When we went to Sequoia last year, we were on a bus with this other family that introduced us to dutch oven cooking in the fire changing I tell ya!

So here is what we bought, a large dutch oven I duh, I bought this one. And then I also realized, how are we going to get this hot thing out of the fire then I bought this. And for easy clean up, because you're camping, and doing dishes while camping I bought these liners to go into our dutch oven, heck ya, they did tear a little bit, but that little bit of mess was WAY easier to clean up than if we didn't use them at all!

We followed this recipe...she has better pictures.

Bonus, you cook the hot dogs for the kids while you are making your fancy Dutch Oven recipes.

Hot off/in the fire pit.

And the finished product, it looks burnt, but tastes delicious!

There was none left over.

Some tips if you make this: rotate the pot in the fire pit, as one side is going to be closer to the fire than the you'll want to rotate it so that one side isn't burnt.

| FOUR | Dutch Oven Lasanga

I know sounds crazy right?! But it was so dang good! We followed this recipe. Of course she has better pictures then I took. But here is what it looks like in the fire, see how  one side is close to the fire? Don't forget to rotate.

This is what the large lid lifter looks like, makes it super easy to get out of the fire.

I think we had too many coals on the lid and it got too time  I would use less on the lid. All of our wonderful cheese on the top burnt...darn! Or maybe put a layer of foil in the top? Not sure how that would work.

But here's what it looked like under the layer of burnt stuff.

There was none of this left over either...

Tip 1: This take a while to cook, like 2 hours...about 45 minutes to get the coals hot enough another another 45 minutes or so be prepared for that.

Tip 2: After you get your coals nice and hot, don't add more firewood to the fire pit...I know you'll want to, but I think it makes the fire way too hot, unless you have a big fire pit.

Tip 3: Don't be afraid to do this! Seriously, we were super nervous, but in the end it was so dang good, and I think worth the effort.  The people we went with said they usually do super easy dinners, but having a nice dinner like these, makes camping way more fun, and it's in one pot over the fire.

| FIVE | S'mores

Obviously, you have to make tons and tons of S'mores. We like to give the kids hersey's chocolate and then the adults step it up a notch with the fancy chocolate...

| Bonus |

I know our friends buy the kabobs from the meat section of the super market, and cook those up, that's always easy and delicious. What are some of your go to camping foods?

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