Friday, June 8, 2018

Friday Favorites #166

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! Slowing getting back at it after taking 10 days off of work. The week was long, but at least next week is my off Friday, so that helps. Plus it's Baby Fox's last day of school! I can't believe he's going to be a 2nd grader! But here are this weeks favorites:

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Help me and Mr. settle a debate we're having in our's about cereal, it's about to get serious. LOL, j/k.

In the spectrum of cereal to milk to soggy ratio...

One side of the speturm - Rice Krispies you don't want to be soggy at all, so you typically will pour milk and eat right away.

The other side of the spectrum - Shredded Wheat (you know the big ones, where two fit in your bowl kind), you want that pretty saturated in milk, otherwise you tear up your mouth eating it.

So the question is:

Where do you stand on Wheat Chex? My stand is that I want it to be crunchy, while I don't want it as fresh as Rice Krsipies, I definitely don't want it on the Shredded Wheat side. But I am on the camp of I want it crunchy, not soggy at all. Mr. is in the camp that he wants it to be more soggy, less crunchy.

He told me to ask all of you. So where do you stand? Close to Rice Krispies or closer to Shreaded Wheat? Sound off below so I can prove to Mr. I am right!

It's been a couple of weeks since I shared what's been going on with us? We'll start with Memorial Day weekend, we were so busy, so I'll try to pair down the pictures. Started out with Bunko Girls Night. This is a new group of friends, and loved getting to chat with them.

Then Saturday I went to a baby shower for a good friend, isn't she so cute? I look like a giant compared to her...I'm 5'3" (I am wearing heels, but you get the point).

This girl came with me and loved every minute of the girl time.

My Mother-In-Law was in town, so we went to our favorite Mexican place with her sister.

Then decided to get some yogurt so we called up some friends and we all took over the place...Literally, we took every seat in the place. Not seen in this picture are the 4 other kids and 2 other adults, haha.

Sunday was church, these kids are so cute.

Of course there has to be a silly picture.

Monday, Memorial Day, went to to a friends house for a BBQ (the same friends from yogurt and church above). This is max capacity of the amount of kids that can be in one pool by the way.

Nice when the kids can all swim...see that hat I am wearing? Mr. said I would never wear it when he bought it for me last year..I'm proving him wrong and wear it  ALL the time.

Some other pictures from the past few weeks. While we were together for a sad reason, so glad that these kids have each other (those are some of my cousins kids, plus my cousin, you know the adult on the back left).

We also got to try out a winery, which was fun and the kids got to play games while we did wine tasting, win-win.

We thought we were going to miss our good friends (our Friday night dinner friends) daughters birthday party, but we were able to finish what we had going on and get there in time. Which was a nice way to end a really rough few days.

Sunday my cousins called us up and said, hey we're coming down your way to pick up a new to us car, can we stop by and have lunch with you? Of course, love a last minute cousin visit, so we headed out to In and Out.

I got home from grocery shopping and found these two playing the ukelale together, so dang sweet, maybe time for some music lessons?

I decided to make a pot roast for dinner, so Mini Fox is watching me make the gravy...I just love that she is on her tippy toes trying to see what I am doing.

She recently got this dress from a friend, and holy cow, why does she look 7? Where did my baby go?!

I bought the kids some colored pasta, and they were freaking out about them, and we told them let's do a taste test, so we covered their eyes and taste tested them...yep they didn't get one of them right. They were fine eating the pasta after that. Parent win.

Wow, this is probably one of the most amazing things I've does that girl do that?! So happy that they got a golden buzzer! I cried tears of joy with them, they deserve it with all of their hard work!

While we're on America's Got Talent, here is a guy, dad of 6 who wanted to show his foster children that anything is possible. He is really good too, I just love this show. Simon is so nice now.

I remember growing up my favorite night with my mom was watching the beauty pageants and thinking I want to be one of them someday. They were all so smart, some of them future doctors and lawyers...I just thought it was so cool. Now I'm so happy that they are changing the platform and actually making it about the person instead of what they look like. Getting to know each contestent, because I ALWAYS picked the person i thought had the most personality while stating their name and where they are from...cause we can tell so much from that...NOT!

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