Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday Favorites #167

Hi Foxy Friends! Today is my day off and I'm going to enjoy it. Starting off with a gym dance class with some friends, then we're all taking the kids to the pool for some fun in the sun to start off summer right! So let's get to Friday favorites:

In case you missed it this week:

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Thursday: How to Make a Pallet Sign 

I also made a video for the pallet sign for those that are more visual learners. I am doing it in two parts, the video was getting too long. The first video is how to make/prep the sign, and part 2 is going to be how to stencil your pallet stay tuned for that.

Last weekend started off great, with Mini Fox getting her first/last horse back riding lesson. Well last for a bit, we feel like she's a little too young to start, a little expensive for what we're getting out of it, and they want you to spend all of this time at the stables, and this mama is allergic to every thing there.

I'm not sure why they are holding each other, I can't remember, but it's so cute.

Saturday we headed to Legoland. Each year Legoland has Star Wars Legoland days, which we randomly went to last year, but this year we were prepared. Mini Fox wanted to participate in the costume contest, so we brought her Princess Leia costume with us. While she was super gun ho on participating, as soon as she got up there she got super shy and wouldn't talk...but the fact is that she didn't cry, she got up there and rocked it, even if she did forget to smile...haha! She had a blast and wants to do it again next year, that's all that matters, she had fun.

Baby Fox crawled up here and said...Mama, take a picture of me!

Tuesday, was a big day. Baby Fox had a Readers Theater performance and performed two books. It was super cute.

He was peach pie in this book.

Little sister wanted to go and get a picture with him, he obliged, such a good big brother.

 Tuesday night we headed to a play place...why you ask? Our baseball team had the most volunteer hours, so the whole team got a party here.

No fear this one.

She was the ONLY girl that tried to do the warped proud of her. That's her to the right (from behind she looks so old!)

Baby Fox showed us some cool moves on the trampoline.

The boys were thrilled I was trying to take a picture...

End of school year stuff started Wednesday. I was able to help out with his class party. They walked to a local park and played, threw some water balloons, it was a blast.

Pandemonium when every kid got 3 water balloons, they hadn't yet said go to start throwing.

Last day of school picture, yep he still wants to be a mechanic, just like last year.

Last time dropping him off as a 1st grader.

I was also able to pick him up, which was nice, and he posed for yet another picture.

Then we went for ice cream with the grandparents. So fun to have such a special tradition at the end of the school year.

So now summer of craziness begins! Come back on Monday to find out what our Summer is going to look like!

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