Thursday, June 7, 2018

Sentence A Day: May Edition

1 - Baby Fox got to go to Waffles and Coding today, so super cute.

2 - Love taking my R.I.P.P.E.D To the Core class.

3 - Got a workout in while Baby Fox was at baseball, I'm going to miss baseball when it ends in a couple of weeks.

4 - Wahhhh, Mr. left for China for 8 days!

5 - So busy, with Mr. gone, Baby Fox had baseball, Mini Fox had soccer followed by a birthday party and then some friends came to our house for dinner, my heart is full.

6 - Church followed by grocery shopping and then the pool with some friends, unexpected day, but a good way to spend a Sunday.

7 - Baby Fox's last day of Faith Formation, we'll see you next year, when Baby Fox will prepare for 1st holy communion, how is he old enough?!

8 - Worked from home so I could register Baby Fox for camp...crazy long lines, and then a window shades guy came over, so excited to get our shades...hopefully this will help with the hot summer months.

9 - Love my Wednesday workout, always fun to workout with friends.

10 - Treated myself to a facial and it was glorious, might have to add this into my routine, don't think I can do it every month, but definitely every other?

11 - Dinner with friends, Thai food again, but is always good.

12 - So happy that Baby Fox got to pitch today, he's been wanting to pitch an inning and he did great, plus Mr. is finally home! Here is a video if you want to see him in action.

13 - Had a wonderful Mother's Day with family, church followed by shopping by myself and then dinner with my parents and sister.

14 - Ran around in circles in my room to get to 10K steps, needed 1200 more before bed, haha.

15 - Loving our new routine, drop Baby Fox at karate at 4, drive to gym, workout, let Mini Fox take her karate class (she takes the free lessons at our gym...), then pick up Mini Fox, then Baby Fox, then hit up some allergy shots, phew that was a lot!

16 - Getting my workout on, I love this class.

17 - Much needed Mom's Night Out, so good to catch up and talk all night long.

18 - Decided to make Lumpia (which didn't turn out exactly, but was still good), Mongolian Beef and broccoli and bacon fried rice, all so yummy!

19 - Mini Fox's last soccer game of the season, followed by a Mother's Day Tea, followed by a PTA sponsored Mom's night such a long day, but super fun.

20 - Mr. and Baby Fox went to the little league baseball game, so myself and Mini Fox had a fun day of church, a play place, followed by lunch and then her bestie over for some more playing, her best day ever.

21 - Egg Roll in a bowl is where it's at for dinner these days.

22 - First swim lessons of the summer for Mini Fox.

23 - Baby Fox had his open house, man they have been busy.

24 - Last minute Bunko night with new friends, always a fun time.

25 - Received some heartbreak news, it was expected, but still doesn't make hearing it any less hard.

26 - Grandma is here visiting!

27 - Didn't get to see our Friday night dinner friends on Friday, so we did it on a Sunday instead, love long weekends!

28 - What a fun day with new friends, I hope there are many more of these to come this summer!

29 - Taking the week off, started it off by going to my favorite Wednesday night class, but on a Tuesday morning, I never get to do that.

30 - Another day off to do what I want, I like not working...rather working very little, Mr. says I'm doing more now then when I work, haha, that might be true.

31 - Again no work, so I did all of the cricut projects I wanted to get done.

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