Friday, June 29, 2018

Friday Favorites # 169

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! Today is my off Friday, so I'm off working out, and doing the last day camp things with both kids.  But let's get started with this weeks favorites:

Monday: 5 Camping Foods To Make
Tuesday: 5 Ways to Squeeze In Date Night
Wednesday: Summer Work Wear
Thursday: June Boxy Charm - Best One Yet!

Check out what I got.

Last week we went to Great Wolf Lodge and man was it fun! The kids had a blast and are already asking when we can go back. Actually Mini Fox woke up at 3 am the other night asking when we were going back. haha. I'll give you a quick recap. The kids had fun. The end...haha, just kidding.

Little kid area with smaller slides.

Big kid much fun! All of the adults said, we would want to come back just to ride all of the slides over and over. So fun.

Wave pool, this girl rocked at not so much! She makes it look so easy! It was not, LOL.

Waiting in line the next day to get in, Mr. was getting coffee and breakfast.

The kids got to help open the water park.

Howling kids...we want in!

This girl ended up passing the middle of the water park for over an hour...she's NEVER done that before...well since she was a baby.

We came, we played and had a blast and can't wait to do it again soon! I was super skeptical about paying that much money for something like this, but it's totally worth it and SO much fun!

Other randomness from the past week or so...

Last Friday the guys had a poker night so the ladies went on a Mom's Night Out, so much fun!

Sunday we celebrated Baby Fox's half birthday. We don't usually celebrate half birthdays, but Baby Fox's birthday being on Christmas day, we usually do a half birthday party, but this year he decided he would rather go to Great Wolf Lodge.

Grandparents spoiling him, with yet another gift, yes they did give him a birthday gift on his birthday, as well as a ton of Christmas gifts.

I love the look on his fast..pure joy.

This past week started the week of Baby Fox in build a fort and Mini Fox at her very first VBS, she loved it and wants to keep going I guess that's pretty good. Thank you to my friend for sending me this picture.

There was a water gun day at Baby Fox's camp.

Some announcements for The Blended Blog for the summer months. We're dropping our Monday themed posts for the summer, but don't worry, we're working on some fun things for Fall.  But e are going to continue the first Monday of the month, which means #TBBASKS, where we ask the questions and you all answer. Here are the questions, so start prepping your answers.

The Wednesday fashion posts aren't going to have any themes for the rest of the summer, we're  #FreeStyling it. But we'll be back this Fall with some new fun themes for you all!

I don't go to Vegas much, even though my brother lives there, but I think I NEED to get this next time I am there.

I got choked up reading this..I'm on my goes by way too fast. Good read for all of you parents out there. These shoes are the reason I wanted a house with a pool, so that one day my front door would collect all of the shoes.

Hope you all have a great weekend! We're finishing up camps today and then this weekend it's pretty chill, dinner with friends on Saturday and that's it...we'll see what other trouble we can find. Link up your favorites from the week!

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