Tuesday, June 26, 2018

5 Ways To Squeeze In Date Night

Hi Foxy Friends! Today I thought I would continue on with my Marriage Series, it's been on hiatus for a while, but I'm back today talking about how we squeeze in date night.

| One | Find Time

Most important is to find the time. Mr. and I both work full time, so it's really important that we find time for each other. So each night after the kids go to bed, we make lunches for the next day together, then we watch one show together then head off to bed.

| Two |  Day Dates

Mr. and I almost always try to take an extra day after we get back from vacation to spend with each other. So you get an extra day of vacation and you get a date, win-win before going back to normal life. It's a normal day of school and after school stuff, and Mr. and I head out for brunch, movies, shopping, whatever we feel like.

| Three | Make Plans

Schedule date nights far in advance. I know everyone's dance card fills up quick, I know that ours does at least a month or two in advance, so I started to schedule in date nights and get either my parents or a babysitter to watch them so we can go out. We try to go to a nice dinner, so we can talk...mostly about the kids and how cute they are, but it's uninterrupted talking with no Mom, Mom, Mom...

| Four | Trade with Friends

Sometimes it doesn't workout to get a babysitter, but trading babysitting services with friends with kids your kids age works well. We have some friends who have kids that play really well with our kids, so we know that dropping them off there isn't too much of a pain for them, because everyone plays so nicely. And Vice versa, their kids stay with us while they go out.

| Five |  Compliment Each Other

I know this isn't exactly a date night, but families get busy and you can't always get out. The kids are up too late with a cold, or a scary monster in their closet, so when you can't get away at all, go out of your way to compliment your significant other. A "you're doing a great job", or "thanks for bathing the kids", or "thanks for doing the dishes", or "you look nice tonight"...goes a long way. It reminds the other person that you do appreciate all that they do for you and the family.

5 relatively easy ways to squeeze in date night. Mostly you have to make it happen. They won't happen by themselves if you don't plan and follow through. Maybe surprise your significant other by setting up the babysitting situation and telling them you're going out, the babysitter is on the way!

So how do you find time to date your significant other?

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