Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Knowledge You Didn't Think You Needed, But Do!

This is seriously the best tip I have ever received. I didn't even know that I wasn't doing it correctly. Okay I guess there are different definitions, but still, best tip EVER!

I'm going to tell you right now, how to reheat pizza. Yep that's right, this way is sure fire way to make you make you feel like you're eating it for the first time.

My trick?  First heat it up in the microwave, need to get that cheese nice and melted (for those that eat cheese).

Second, and this is where you're mind is going to be blown. It's faster then a toaster oven reheat to get that crust crispy again. Ready for this mind blowing tip?

Put it in a hot skillet, you know that pan that you cook eggs in? Use that. Toasts up the bottoms of that pizza, so no more soggy left over pizza. *warning, the bottom cooks faster then you think, so don't let it sit there too long, it goes from being awesomeness to burnt in a hot second. Don't walk away.*

I know, mine doesn't look as good as one with hot gooey cheese, but it was very good, and I will definitely get this when baby comes when I need something to eat and need someone to deliver me something yummy to eat.

Random sidenote: Mr. likes cold pizza and never heats his pizza up.

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1 comment:

  1. Um I'm so trying this! Especially when it's a billion degrees this will save me from turning my oven on! Side note: I reheat. Y pizza for lunch or dinner. If I eat it for breakfast, I eat it cold :)