Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Recap

Saturday was the usual swim lessons. Why do I always just hold the camera and then not take picture? I have no day I'll remember. We told Baby Fox that if he had a really good lesson that we would take him on a surprise outing. Well he did fantatic this week (swam the width of the pool, by himself, granted he would still drown if he fell in). So where did we take him? To In and Out, to get some french fries. For those not from California or the surrounding states, it's good, must go to place if you ever visit here.

He was mor interested in the french fries then taking pictures.

Doesn't that burger in Mr.'s hand make you want to come to California?
Saturday afternoon I decided to make some blueberry muffins. It's a gluten free mix, if you have allergies to one of the top 8, plus corn then this is the company for you. Seriously, so good.

I recorded Cinderella from ABC family to see if Baby Fox would like it, he typically doesn't like movies with "people" in it, but since Cinderella has mice and cats and stuff, I thought he would like it. Baby Fox loved it, we even let him watch it during dinner, he ate the most dinner he's ever eaten and asked to watch it again after it was over.

Sunday was relaxing. Went to church and then played around. Before naptime it was really hot outside and inside, so we let Baby Fox run around in just his diaper to cool off. This is what he came up with...

Yeah we were shocked that he jumped off the slide too. He thought it was super funny and kept doing it over and over again.

Then we went over the Nana and "Ampa's" (grandpa) place for dinner.  Dancing was invovled

Baby Fox found these pair of binacolurs in the toy bin and thought watching some tv with them was the best thing since sliced bread. *note the tv is only 7 feet away.*

It was a great weekend, and guess what today is?

My last day of work! Woo hoo! Going to enjoy my time off with Baby Fox, and hopefully get everything done that I need to get done before Mini Fox gets here, I have so much to do!

How was your weekend? What does your week look like?

I need to get my car oil changed, going to make time this week to do that.

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  1. i have been craving in-n-out for the last few days i think i should be just break down and get myself a juicy cheeseburger and some yummy friends. your post convinced me of it