Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Recap

At least I'm doing a recap this week? Although not many pictures to show you. I bring my camera, yet I always forget to pull it out to take pictures, darn.

Friday Baby Fox and I met up with Mr. after his physical therapy at the mall to buy a coming home outfit for Mini Fox. Found the cutest outfit, of course I can't find it on their website. I guess you'll have to be surprised. After we found what we needed we decided to go out to dinner instead of doing the responsible thing and going home to leftovers to Cheese Cake Factory.

At Nordstroms we bought Baby Fox one of those magnetic drawing boards that you can erase with a swipe of a wand. He calls it his "etch-a-sketch", so it was hard to get him to focus long enough to get a picture.

Saturday was swim lessons as usual. If you can't see, The first picture is of Baby Fox floating, the second picture is of Baby Fox jumping into the water.

The rest of Saturday was pretty low key. Some park time and making enchiladas for dinner. Yum!

Sunday Baby Fox wanted pancakes for breakfast, he wanted to help make them. While we were making them, he says "Mommy, I love you making pancakes!" Awwww...

Let me explain the outfit. He wanted to wear this rainbow shirt when he woke up, and since I knew whatever we had for breakfast would get all over him, I said okay, then he wanted the shorts, who am I to say no. Side note: That "rainbow shirt" is actually a onsie that my dad thought was a good gift from Oklahoma, and I had put it in the give away pile and Baby Fox sees it and says I want to wear that, but it didn't fit and he started to cry, so I did what any other mother would do, cut off the naps and let him wear it as a shirt. As long as he doesn't go out in public right? Although the other day Daddy and him come down stairs before leaving for a friends and he has this shirt on, I said no, and that he had to change, I know I'm so mean.

Pancakes for one

After church we came home and ate lunch and played a bit before nap time. First Baby Fox wanted a picnic with Daddy, giving Daddy some ketchup.

Then Baby Fox and Daddy played what Colton calls "Bump Daddy", honestly not sure which one had more fun, this went on for an hour. No joke. Let me get done a project for Mini Fox's room, so I'll take it.  Baby Fox hasn't quite got the peddling thing yet, so he just pushes his bike.

It was hard to get them both in the same picture, they were going around so fast

Yes we did buy that Plasma Car for Baby Fox, not Mr.
Sunday night we went to my parents house for dinner. Again brought the camera, but didn't take any pictures, darn. It was nice to go somewhere else and have someone cook for you, I could get used to that!

Hope you all had a great weekend, 6 more weeks till Mini Fox...yikes!

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  1. Looks like a perfect weekend to me! ANd I dont fight with the boys over clothes unless we are going somewhere

  2. Now that I have an iPhone w a camera I'm lazy about using my camera!! And I totally drive AJ's wiggle car ;)