Monday, April 27, 2015

3 Parties 1 Day

Hello Monday! Monday is always hard to come back to, especially after a 3 day weekend. But we had a great weekend, as always.

Thursday I FINALLY got to see Cinderella! My mom is the best movie watching partner. She loves watching chick flicks with me. I'm so excited for when Mini Fox is older and can join us in our love for chick flicks. I just know she's going to love them too.

Just before the movie started, we both LOVED it, btw.

Took another picture outside the lobby, since the first one was so dark.

Then I went home and watch Grey's Anatomy with Mr...did you watch it? I'm sure you've all heard what happened. I was ugly crying people, like UGLY crying. I just couldn't help it, after watching this for 10 years, through the good and bad, I was ugly crying...I'm feeling so sad still. Why do I feel like this for a fictional character?! Anyone else with me? Please say you feel me on this...on another note, Mr. thought I was crazy and said, you better cry more for me when I die, that's all I have to say, haha.

Friday I took Baby Fox to school and did some errands with Mini Fox, of course I didn't take pictures, was too busy trying to get it all done before I had to pick up Baby Fox from school. I did however, fit in a picture getting ready to eat some breakfast. Love that she's smiling for pictures now...yay!

After we went and got him from school we went to Costco to pick up some stuff, Mini Fox insisted on holding my hand AND Baby Fox's hands, it was so cute.

They are so cute together

Friday night, waiting for dinner...some light reading.

She's reading, On the Night You Were Born
 After dinner treat. She insists on doing everything herself these days. Including yogurt, the OCD in me, cringes, but I know she has to figure it out eventually...

All those pictures were taken over the course of a minute. I love how expressive she is.

Saturday, my usual morning hike. I wasn't able to workout all week due to being sick, so it was nice to finally be able to get out and get some exercise!

Hiking crew, not as big as last week, but just as fun.

I had a baby shower to go to, so I got home and got the crew up and fed and then I was out the door.

Raspberry fingers, is there really any other way to eat them?

Sister trying to figure it out too

Just before I left, she wanted her brother's monster truck hat and the star sunglasses. I think she wears it well.

Daddy always picks out cute outfits
 Mama to be, her daughter, my sister and me

The shower was at a restaurant but the hostess brought in all the linens, flowers, etc. It was so pretty and so much fun!

Afterwards we hung out a bit before heading to our next party...I love this picture of my sister and me.

Mean while, Mr. and the kids went over to our neighbors house for a party they were throwing, Mini Fox loving her shaved ice, yum!

After the shower Mr. drove the kids out to meet up with us to go to the last party of the day! A house warming/birthday party. The kids second bounce house of the day, they are going to think that every place we go should have a bounce house.

They have the coolest play house. It was the previous owners workshop, so it's insulated and had air cool is that?!

The birthday girl made those cake pops, so cute!

And they had a popcorn machine, Baby Fox thought it was the coolest thing EVER!

Birthday girl and her hubby

Sunday was really low key, so much so these are the only pictures I took. Church followed by swim lessons.

The boys getting to jump in for swimming well.

Great weekend, so sad that it's a 5 day work week, boo! I wish every weekend could be a 3 day weekend, but then I would have to work 10 hour days...that's no fun.

What was your favorite part of the weekend?

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