Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Another Low Key Weekend!

This weekend I was fully going to make a video of everything we did and I didn't get past Saturday morning, oops! I tried, I just kept forgetting my camera, and then my cell phone ran out of storage, so I couldn't do videos on there...then I just stopped. Soon, very soon I'll try again.

So I meant to do this and post for Monday, but I ended up waking up with some sort of eye infection and had to go to the doctors and it just didn't happen. So sorry this is late. But it's better late than never. Although I'm not entirely sure my weekend is worth documenting or if you even want to read it, but here it is anyway :)

Friday I took the kids to the mall with my Mom, give Mr. some alone time at the house, plus I had a TON of stuff to return from the Spring Challenge List. My philosophy is buy, buy, buy and then return. As a reward I took the kids to the germ playground in the mall.

Then dinner at Cheesecake Factory, YUM!

She really enjoyed her Mac and Cheese

 My favorite girl in front of my favorite store.

When we got back to our house, my Dad was there to pick up my mom and brought a fun gift for Mini Fox.

She seriously took to these like a duck to water...that's my girl!

She didn't want Ampa to leave.

Ampa's birthday was the day before, and I wanted a picture of him with the kids since we didn't get to see him on his actual birthday.

Saturday I was finally able to go on my hike...this time I put together a video for you guys :)

I forgot to add the group shot we took in the video, and don't feel like re-doing it, so here's the group shot.

Her first time, she did great!

Saturday afternoon was pretty low key, some breakfast making.


He got this cute outfit, I couldn't resist

I was at Sprouts and saw this...is it just me, or is this gross?

Snuggles on the couch

These two love each other so much, it's crazy. This is how they watch TV, I didn't put them there, he asked her if she wanted to snuggle and she got right up there.

Sunday was church, and donuts. We put Mini Fox in the church care again, this time didn't go so well. She cried most of the time...we finally got paged and she was doing the hard cry hiccup for a good 10 minutes after we picked her up, so sad right?

Then we headed out to swim lessons.

He's getting better. We're working on getting his arms out of the water.

After naps, we headed over to my parents for my Dad's birthday dinner. So much fun, I could get used to not having to cook on a Sunday :)

We have been watching Tangled and this is their Smolder look...you know the one that Flynn Rider does?

Drinking some milk...actually she's not really drinking it, she's more like holding it and trying to figure out a sippy cup (we never did that with the kids so she didn't know she needs to tilt her head back, besides she doesn't like milk anyway)

Another try at the smolder...

Birthday cake time!

I told her  no Mini Fox, don't touch that...and this is the look she gave me...it's more like...
you talking to me?

We were talking Fascinators, and Mr. said what's that? And my mom said...as a matter of fact, I have one! She pulled it out, and I have to say I didn't totally hate it. If I ever have a reason to need one, I know where I am going. Isn't she the cutest?

She had it on backwards...

What a family dinner without a group selfie

Happy, Happy Birthday Dad! The best Grandpa (aka Ampa - to Baby Fox, aka Papa - To Mini Fox) anyone could ever ask for. We are so happy you moved down here to be closer to us. I cherrish the fact that our kids get to see you on a weekly basis and are knowing you like I got to know my grandparents. I hope this is your best year yet! Love you!

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