Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Favorite Accessories

 Andrea from Momfessionals asked us what our favorite accessories are, when she asks I answer.

I answered a similar question almost a year ago, and you know what, it hasn't changed much. I think my favorite accessory I own is my teal statement necklace. I wear it ALL THE TIME. It's funny because when I bought it I didn't think I would wear it often, but it turns out it's my go to accessory. My proof.

Wow my hair was really short in that upper left photo, I sort of miss it...No, have to stop thinking that! Must grow hair long, I like long hair, I've been waiting for this...long hair...
If I had to chose a second accessory I think I would have to go with purses. I don't post my outfits with purses and I don't often buy new ones, but I love them. Mr. just bought me three Coach purses for our anniversary, nothing says 10 years of marriage like 3 Coach purses, haha!

The kids favorite accessory? Their star sunglasses (bought from the dollar bin at Target)...no joke we've had these things for years and they keep making their way onto the kids faces, haha.

June 2014

This past weekend

So what your favorite accessory?

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