Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Outfit and Some Randoms

Happy Wednesday, hump day, I only have one more day of work and then off for 3 days, woo hoo! This is an outfit I wanted to put together for a while. I finally got the nerve to wear it. I tend to sway towards A-Line dresses, so this maxi dress is definitely out of my comfort zone. But the jacket really helped out a bit on the comfort level.  I wish I had taken pictures of my cute new sandals, but forgot. I was trying to get the pictures, while keeping the kids out of the pool.

We took these pictures in about 3 minutes, and this is how many times and directions Mini Fox walked in and out of the pictures. She's so cute.

On to some randoms for the day:

  • My fitness update: it's sort of taken a back seat in light of our trips to both Tahoe and Santa Barbara, but we're back on track this week. Luckily I haven't fallen too far off course. I'll check back in next week, I think I might be backing off a little on being so strict with it, it was making me way grumpy and just totally unhappy at times, especially on the weekend when I didn't have meals planned and there was no food in the house. I'll keep you posted.

  • Loving these pictures that we got while we were gone.

  • I just got an email from Picaboo (photobook site) and they are having unlimited free pages for the price of a book, so I could have up to 160 pages for $45, that's a pretty good deal! Deal ends on Monday at midnight PST, so if you're wondering where I am for the next week I'll be behind my computer trying to get 160 pages worth of pictures in. Looking back at pictures like this:

I just can't believe how little my babies were. Now I'm going back to working on my photobook...I'm doing my picture a day for Mini Fox's first year of life...I'm in the beginning of October, 11 more months to go! Pray for me.

Hope you are all having a great week!

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