Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring Style Me Challenge #5

Hi all! I'm back for another style challenge with Alison at Get Your Pretty On. This will be my 5th challenge with her. The first one was last Spring, I can't believe it's been a year since the last challenge! I then did the Summer, Fall and Winter Challenges. I loved all of them, and getting new outfit ideas. Every Wednesday I'll be linking up with other Style Challenge bloggers and we're all going to show you our take on What Alison told us to wear.

Day 1

I don't own camo jeans or olive colored jeans, can you believe that? I knew I wanted a pair, but whenever I would go to order them online something stopped me, now I'm kicking myself. So I substituted a bright pair of jeans. Looking at this picture, I think I also want to get a slouchy t-shirt. This one is fitted, but I think I would really like a slouchy one (don't worry I have several coming my way, hehe)

While this outfit is plain, I really like that the necklace spruces it up a bit.

Day 2

I bought this dress when Mr. and I went on our get-a-way (which I am realizing that I never posted about! Going to remedy that on Thursday). I washed and dried it and it shrunk, doh! But it's hot here and I think it will still work, maybe with some more casual shoes and a bathing suit under it? Definitely not work wear for sure.

This pink sweater has gotten more use than any other sweater in my closet. I love pink.

Yep same necklace as yesterday, I just can't help it, it's such a great statement piece.

Some randoms:

She is just too cute, I know I always say that, but seriously...I always see people posting videos of their weekends and what not. I was thinking of videoing a weekend...or maybe just a day...hmmm...what do you think? Something you'd want to see?

I took the kids to the park tonight, they (really it was Baby Fox) wanted to race, guess who won?

Instead we stopped to take a picture.

Really weird angle of my face, yikes! At least she's cute.

In case you were wondering, I did finish my book, with only 5 minutes to spare. Yikes! That was super close and I'm glad that it worked the first time I hit submit...But it was worth it, I got $130 off! I'll let you know the quality of it when I get it.

Bottom right corner says 11:55pm
That's it for now. Happy hump day! Now go check out the other ladies in the Style Challenge and see their take on the daily outfits.

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