Thursday, April 16, 2015

Our Santa Barbara Kid Free Get-Away

I realized yesterday that I never recapped our mini vacation so here it is :)

Taking a picture with the kids before we headed out the door.

Where is Baby Fox?

Hey he's still missing...

Oh there he is!

First stop was Starbucks for Mr.  and then we stopped at a bagel place for a bagel and we got to sit outside and enjoy our bagels with no interruptions. It was awesome.

I was super tired waking up at 5:30 to work a bit before we left, so I took a nap while Mr. drove. Also very nice and when I woke up, I said, hey let's go to the Kate Spade outlet in Camarillo. Then we thought that we had passed it, and Mr. offered to turn around, I quickly decided, no, but turns out we didn't miss it and it was just an exit away. Talk about perfect timing. Then we ended up staying for a couple of hours and Mr. bought a bunch of 1 shirt I liked...this always happens to us! It was nice to be able to change plans and not think about it.

Almost there! Beach!

We stayed at the Simpson House Inn, if you ever come to Santa Barbara, you have to stay here! It was awesome :)

The little sitting area leading up to our room. 

We got a little kitchen in our room, we knew we probably weren't going to cook, but it was nice to have plates and forks and a microwave at our disposal.

The view you get when walking into the room.

Kitchen area

This is the little welcome not they left us, but Mr. ate the cupcake before I could take a picture...

The stairs leading up stairs to the bedroom, more like a loft, since there were no doors up there, except to the bathroom. Of course I forgot to take a picture of upstairs.

After we got settled in we knew we wanted to go see the new Divergent movie Insurgent, but decided to get some food first and then go to the 8pm showing. We had  few hours, so we walked around and while walking on State Street found that they were having their farmers market. We got some awesome bread and homemade jam and the most delicious strawberries. Yum!

I took this picture when we got home, it's so sweet and yummy. I haven't ever had apricot jam...weird right? But it was delicious.

We went to Holdren's Steak and Seafood, we pretty much always go here because we know I can eat here.

Mr. got some ribs and I was in the mood for some fish, both were yummy.

Afterwards we high tailed it out of there so we could walk back to the hotel and drop off Mr.'s food and our Farmer Market finds...we were practically running, it took us about 25 minutes to get back to our hotel, we BARELY made it to the movie.

The theater was so cool. It was super old, and I think it used to be an old production's the outside taken the next day.

When you walked inside, it was like you were walking was the strangest thing. The roof even had fake stars up there.

Low lighting, but you get the idea, sort of reminded me of the inside of Pirates of the Caribbean.  We got in trouble for taking this picture, but they didn't make us delete it.

When you stay at the Simpson house you get a choice of breakfast things. You can pretty much get as much as you want too. They have two entree breakfasts you can choose from, and then an assortment of other things, like eggs, toasts, homemade granola and every drink imaginable. They ask you what time you want breakfast delivered and where. Both times we ate in our little patio area.

Paper delivery

The lady setting up our breakfast.

So cute right?!

That's oatmeal
 More food, yum!

These are scrambled eggs under there
After breakfast we decided to hit up some of the shops on State Street. 

We might have hit up the Coach Outlet (which is one of the better ones because there isn't as much traffic going in there like a normal outlet place, so all of the options are awesome. I ended up getting three purses and two small wristlets to give to friends as gifts. They were having the most awesome deal, 40% off the already reduced clearance stuff, then another 50% off of that! Crazy deal right? I just HAD to get that many purses...

After I got these, I thought, okay we can be done shopping. And we headed over to Chipotle to get me some lunch and then we walked back to the hotel to heat up Mr.'s left over ribs.

Eating lunch on the main house porch

After lunch we decided to relax and just read for the rest of the day.

I could definitely get used to this life

Yep a good 'ol Nicky Sparks book - The Longest Ride (it's coming out in theaters soon and wanted to read it first)
I decided to take a nap back in the room, which then turned into a 2.5 hour nap, it was glorious! That never happens! After I woke up we decided to just walk down to State Street to find a place to eat. We ended up at Palazzio, it was super yummy. Sorry no food pictures.

Those guys over on the bench, specifically the one with the black pants and the red part on his shirt, his back is to us...had some major game. Seriously there were three guys sitting on the bench and then any girl that walked by that was cute they would just start chatting them up. I think he got three phone numbers, it was awesome to watch. I wanted to applaud when they decided they were done.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel and read some more. I wish it would have been cold enough to start a fire in the fire place. OH well, next time.

Thursday the breakfast entree was Eggs Benedict...Mr. said they were delicious.

 We decided we wanted to head back towards home, as to miss some of the Thursday traffic. Los Angeles traffic on a Thursday is a nightmare...we knew we wanted to eat dinner at Javier's, so we headed in that general direction. We were going to stop for lunch at Chipotle again, but when we got there, there was this burger place that looked really good, so we went there instead.

Mr. got a burger and their mac and cheese, he said it was good, but not as good as the Yard House

I just got a plain burger, but it was really good (that's the bread I got from the Farmer's Market

After lunch we decided to take a walk on the beach, it was just a few blocks away, so we walked off some of our lunch.

We decided to walk to the end of these rocks to get a picture, along the way, we saw this cute guy laying out.

Our little friend in the background.

After we were done, we headed toward Javier's. We changed clothes at a Starbucks, hehe, glamorous and then Mr. wanted to walk down to the ocean, since we had some time. We wanted to time it so that we got home just before the kids went to bed, we could see them, but didn't have to get them ready and wrangled. :)

 Mr found some rocks to climb up. Crazy guy.

The angle at which this is taken makes it look like he's really high up, in reality it's not that bad
I realize that I didn't take one picture of us at Javier's oops. We had a great time on our little mini vacation.

To end the post, here are some pictures of the grounds of the hotel I took before we left.

There was actually ice in there, so cute right?

No we didn't need the ice clamp thingy, there was an ice machine in there
We decided to go during the week so that the kids still had their daycare during the day and my parents only needed to fill the 3.5 hours from after work hours till bedtime. They were exhausted just doing what they did, I can't imagine if they had them all day too. We are so happy my parents decided to move closer to us so they could see the kids more. They get to see the kids, we get more date nights, it's a pretty awesome set up.

 When is your next mini-get away? If you could get away, where would you choose to go?

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