Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Favorites #24

These guys are crazy talented. The fact that they can sing two songs and once and not mess up, pretty cool.

Monday night Mr. went out with some friends, so we sent him a hello picture during dinner.

I had to document the ONE time she wore a headband with big flower on it...I wish we would have put these on her from the beginning because now she just doesn't want them.

On Wednesday Mr. had to work late, I couldn't go my normal gym class, so I took the kids to the park,  I ran a couple of miles and then let them play a bit.  We started out with Baby Fox riding his bike ...

and ended up with him sitting in the stroller with Mini Fox. Although he did make it 1.5 miles.

Mr. had to work some more yesterday after we got back from my doctors appointment (more on that later, and no I'm not pregnant), so I took the kids shopping...what else would I do. I had a 10% off coupon to Ulta calling my name.

Just recently Mini Fox has started to say "cheese" when the camera comes out

This morning Mr. got some good cuddles and tickle sessions in before going to work.

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