Friday, May 15, 2015

5 Things I Want to Do This Summer

Another Style Me Blogger link up, this time we're talking about Summer Travel Plans or Recommendations. To be honest we don't have anything planned for summer yet. The last thing we had planned on the books was Big Bear and we did that last weekend. But that doesn't mean I don't have big ideas :) So I'm going to start off with 5 things I would like to do this summer.

Do you see that cute seal on the rocks there?

We never went to the beach last summer, it was just too hard with Mini Fox, crawling but not walking and putting everything in her mouth.  Sometimes I think living so close to the beach, we just take it for granted, that it's so close.  When Mini Fox was born we had gone to the beach the day before:

I'm 37 and 6 days pregnant here, I gave birth the very next day. Crazy to think about.

This year we're definitely going to go to the beach. Just once, but hopefully we can go more often.

When Mini Fox was about 6 months old we took both the kids to the San Diego Zoo, I want to take them to the Zoo again this year. This time I think Mini Fox will enjoy it much more. We will NOT be taking the train, that just makes for  super long day!

He was done taking pictures...can you tell?

As usual we're throwing Baby Fox a Half Birthday. This year he wanted it to be a Spiderman theme. I made this invitation last week and ordered them a couple of days ago. I love that I'm starting to get used to using Photoshop Elements, no more paying people on Etsy for me! If anyone wants this invitation, just let me know! More then happy to just switch out the information.

Of course summer is going to end with Mini Fox's birthday, not sure about her theme yet. We were thinking princess, but is that too obvious? She does like Minnie Mouse, so maybe that...hmm...any fun suggestions?

I think we're going to try to take one over night or two night trip this summer too. Probably to San Diego, while we're there, we know someone on that Naval base, who said he would give us a tour of the base and the ship. When he told Baby Fox about that, he screamed YEAH!!! So I guess it's something he wants to do :)


Last but certainly not least:

Take more pictures with the kids. Just of everyday life. I am so often behind the camera that I don't think to tell someone to take a picture with me...Most of the pictures I have are me taking a selfie with whoever is with me at the time.






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