Friday, May 1, 2015

Style Bloggers - April Showers (Rain Gear) Bring May Flowers (Floral Trends)

The Style Bloggers are back for another link up series, same people, different topics. Today our first topic is April Showers, Bring May Flowers, I didn't come up with it, but super clever right?

We don't get much rain here, so I thought I would find things that I would want, if we did get rain.

 This pink rain coat, I saw it in the store and it's about the cutest thing I ever saw. If it rained here and I had that much money to blow on a rain coat when I would use it...maybe twice a year, I'd be all over this. Trina Turk in Manhattan Beach. I did however buy a super cute workout top, looking forward to having one more thing in rotation, you know so that the three other tops I have get a break.

How cute is this rain coat? I just saw it while browsing through the sale items, trying to see if I could find the workout top I bought. It covers the April showers and May Flowers all in one piece.

And what's rain coats without some rain boots, found here and here.

Now that I found the perfect April Shower and May Flower pieces, why not find some cute stuff to go with it. I thought the pink coat and the flower boots, perfect combination. Add some white jeans a striped shirt, perfect for a Spring outing.

Rain Coat Outfit

I just love this jacket, it's colorful and just makes you happy. For this outfit I thought I would make it a little more sophisticated and go with some black jeans, white button up and a colorful statement necklace.

Floral Spring Outfit

And the last outfit, the polka dotted rain boots, who doesn't love a good polka dot. I found the pants and that top and loved both, but thought, it's a little on the dark side, so I added the light pink jacket and some cute earrings to give it that Spring feel. Oh how I wish it rained here...or got cold for that matter. It was 93° here today (Thursday)...and supposed to 90° tomorrow (Friday).  Oh Winter and Spring, where did you go? I'm not ready for full blown Summer yet.

Spring Floral Outfit

What April Shower (Rain Gear) or May Flowers (Floral Trends) would you pick?

Go check out some of the other ladies and see their interpretation of this prompt is.

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