Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Simple Outfit + Some Randoms

Sad times here, no more Alison telling me what to wear. But don't fret, the Summer Challenge* is coming in 2 weeks! Come join me and the rest of the ladies as we navigate the summer wardrobe. But for now, this is a dress I picked up at Old Navy. I know, I know some of us Style Challengers said we weren't going to buy anything until the Summer Challenge (which I don't think we realized was going to happen so quickly!) Anyway, they had a buy two get one free clearance items...I had to, right? I found two things for the kids and then couldn't find a third...okay that's not totally true. I did find a shirt for Baby Fox, but it was only $2.50 and I didn't want to waste my free clearance item on something for $2.50. So you see why I had to buy this dress?

It's super comfy and I think it's the perfect dress for the Summer. The eyelets are what gets me, it makes it so I can do this super casual or dress it a up a bit for a GNO, add some cute wedges and a statement necklace, cute cardigan and I'm good to go.

*This is an affiliated link through Get Your Pretty On, I will receive a commission for everyone that buys the challenge through the link.

Onto some Random things lately:
  • Guess what I found on Sunday?! I was unpacking the laptop backpack we have, and apparently I haven't used it lately (or in the last 18 months), because I was going through all the pockets and I freakin' found my lost camera! Seriously, it's been over a year and a half and I found it! It had some great picture on it that I thought were lost. I can not believe that I found it! I even bought the same one off a fellow mom in my area, so now I have two of the same camera. The way I look at it, you can never have enough cameras. I am constantly running from room to room trying to find my camera. Now I can keep one in my purse all the time and one around the house, perfect. You have no idea how happy that made me.
  •  This whole no shopping thing is hard. Enough said, The girls said that they weren't going to shop till the Summer Challenge, not realizing it's this month, I told myself I wans't going to shop until the Nordstroms Anniversary sale, usually around the beginning of July. I can do this! I guess I'll have to shop my closet for the Summer Challenge*.
  •  The outfit posts from here on out will be with my new Canon 70D camera! I can't wait to start using it. So far I absolutely LOVE it! 
    • Side Note: Costco has all of the Canon DSLR's on a great sale, if you're thinking about getting one, I highly recommend that you go through Costco, best deal I found out there. (nope this isn't a sponsored thing, I just thought it was a great deal)
    • Another Side Note: Can you tell I love cameras?
  • I'm still having issues with my video editing program, Adobe Premiere Elements. Mr. thinks he figured out the problem. We'll see, I'm going to test it out this week/weekend. I'm still going to do the Vlog I took at the beginning of the month, I have the will only be 3 weeks later, but hey a day is a day right? You'll still watch it?
  • Last thing while out getting dinner on Thursday we were walking to the grocery store to pick up some Hummus to go along with dinner, and he always has to stop by the dance studio to watch all of the ballroom dancing. He's been doing it since he could walk, get ready So You Think You Can Dance 2030, we're coming for you!

What are you randoms today?

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