Friday, May 29, 2015

Style Me Blogger: This Place I Call Home

Back with the Style Me Bloggers for another link-up. This time the subject is where we live. The city I live in is pretty small and dull, I'll instead tell you about all the awesome things around my city. Fair enough?

I can get to the beach in 15 minutes. Actually the palm tree and sky picture was taken by me a few years ago. I was sitting in Laguna Beach on my beach chair, and I happened to look up and a little behind me and I saw how awesome the clouds looked with the palm trees. This picture was upside down. When I got home, and I flipped it around it was better then I could have imagined.

Baby Fox's first time to the beach, he's about 2.5 months old.

Mini Fox's first time at the beach (that I can recall and find a picture of), she's 9 months old

Laguna Beach

Our favorite restaurant in Laguna to take visitors, it's called Las Brisas and the outside seating is perfection, the food is good and the drinks yummy.

On that same note we can head 2 hours east and get to mountains with snow, so we can basically go from the snow to the beach in about 2.5 hours drive time.

Oh how I miss the slopes, we didn't get any snow this we didn't get to go...hopefully next year we can dump have my parents watch the kids and we go snowboarding.

Disneyland is only 20 minutes way. Need I say more?

Baby Fox's first time, he's almost 2.5 and I am about 18 weeks pregnant.

First time taking Mini Fox to Disneyland, she's 3.5 months old.

The weather. I love the sunshine, although I do like snow and the different seasons, I think if I had to chose I would choose nice weather all the time, and visiting the places that have month upon months of cold weather.

January 2013 - Bike riding. Notice even though Mr. is wearing a sweater, he's also wearing shorts.

 January 2014 - Washing cars and swimming

 January 2015 - Flowers are blooming

I know I've mentioned this before, practically every post, but I love that I can hike, get some exercise  and see the ocean all at the same time. Sometimes I think, some people go their whole lives and never see the ocean and that makes me sad. I hope everyone in their lives gets to see the ocean at one point or another.

I'm going to add another one to the list as an honorable mention. I do have to say we have some pretty good food here too. I always hear people people talking about how good this restaurant was and how good this restaurant was, everything from plain American food, to Persian, to Indian, to Japanese, Fusion Everything, Vegan places, Vegan Japanese places. You name we've got it here. I can't say that I've tried them all out, or any of them really. because of my food allergies, but I know people are always taking about the different foods they've eaten.

So if I haven't convinced you to come visit Southern California yet, I don't know what will!

Oh I just thought of another one!

The Rose Parade is right in our backyard. I know several people who go to it year after year. You can see them up close and personal before the parade even begins. And I can't find ONE picture of us going to see the floats before the Rose Parade. Darn. It seems that I'm missing a bunch of photos...I wonder where they went, I hate when that happens.

Now go take a look at where everyone else lives and see what makes their city so great, but between you and me, I pretty much love where I live! Although I do think it would be fun to live over seas for a year or two.

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