Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

Work has been crazy busy, not sure how many post I'm going to get out this week, but I'll try. :) Cause I know you are all wondering what I did this weekend right?

Side Note: I tried to edit my weekend video from May 1st, but my Adobe Premiere Elements software keeps crashing and I can't seem to get it to work, so frustrating! I'm hoping Mr. can watch the kids tonight so I can really sit down and try to figure out what's wrong.

Let's start with Friday:

I picked up Baby Fox from school and we headed out right way.Immediately this guy wanted to do play with this...actually I handed it to him and we're almost to the freeway and he asks, "where are the headphones?" Doh! I forgot them, so we had to turn around to go get them, darn! But he enjoyed it for about 40 minutes and then never asked for it again. Guess I didn't really need it.

Stuck in traffic going 0mph...

You can't tell, but that's a 24 hour Starbucks for you Starbucks fanatics out there, plus it's a drive through...double win on that one. Even though I don't drink coffee/tea/hot drinks I can appreciate it.

We passed through the City of Colton, this street is named Colton, Baby Fox thought it was pretty awesome, and wanted to stay here forever.

Some snow going up the mountain.

Baby Fox really had to use the restroom, but going up a mountain, no where to go...so we may or may not have pulled over. Safely of course.

Let me tell you, traveling with two kids by yourself, not so bad until you realize that you're on the second floor with no elevator. It was a bit rough getting the kids to cooporate, going up and down the stairs while I dragged all of our stuff from the car, but eventually it got done. Baby Fox threw many snow balls at Mini Fox...she laughed and laughed.

This was all the snow that was left from the morning snow

Headed over to the besties house. Her little guy followed Baby Fox around and copied everything he did, it was super cute.

After dinner watching some Big Hero 6. Looks comfy can I join?

We got back to the hotel and put the kids to bed and then I did this:

And watching some tv and tried to edit that video...grrr...

I finally went to bed about midnight and thought I had it all planned out. Baby Fox was so excited to share a bed with me, and Mini Fox was comfortable in her pack and play. Around 3:30 I woke up, not sure why, but Baby Fox was practically laying on top of me and I could hear the guy down stairs snoring. I didn't want to wake up Baby Fox, so I just laid there awake..since I can not fall asleep on my back. Plus the guy below us was snoring something fierce. Then I hear "Mama? Mama? Coco! Coco! Coco!" I think please just go back to sleep, so Baby Fox and I just laid there...waiting. Nope, her Coco's just kept getting louder. So I decided I would try and move the pack and play to the living room. Nope that didn't work either. I tried everything, then around 6am I gave up and decided, she's not going back to sleep. I sent Baby Fox back to bed and tried to keep Mini Fox quiet. Still dark out, that's so wrong. I was tired and grumpy...it was rough...really rough let me tell ya. Good thing she's cute.

Baby Fox woke up about 9:15, thankfully he got some sleep! We ate breakfast and played at the playground, went to Kmart (for the first time in 20+ years) to pick up some stuff. Then headed back to give Mini Fox a much needed nap. Baby Fox and I relaxed, watched some tv. 

When Mini Fox woke up from her nap we headed over to the birthday party.

The kids had a blast on this thing!

 I made this sign for the party, cute right?! Turned out way cuter then I thought it would.

How cute did all of the other decorations turn out? Super impressed.

Mikey shaped meat and cheese and sandwiches?!

Cute wreath

Mini Fox with Baby Fox's Godparent's kid.

Pretty much the only picture I got of them together. Eating oreo cookies.

Mini Fox, Me and the bestie and the birthday boy

Pinata time!

Once the candy fell, everyone went at it...except...

She just stood there with her bag open. Then after it was all done, Baby Fox looks into her bag and says, awww, she didn't get any. Then proceeded to take some out of his bag and put it in her bag. If that doesn't say love I don't know what does.

Birthday boy was trying to get some lovin from Mini Fox, she couldn't have cared less.

Super fun party, until next time!

We got back to the hotel just around bedtime, this time I decided that Baby Fox and I would take the pull out couch bed and give Mini Fox the bedroom. I know, letting that huge, comfy king size beds heartbreaking...but everyone slept until 7:30, woo hoo!.

The kids did this while I made breakfast:

After breakfast I braided Mini Fox's hair, it's finally long enough to make a full braid! So fun.

Then while I was packing up, she threw a huge ginormous fit...mostly cause I think she missed Mr. 6 days is a long time!

I finally got her calmed down though, phew!

We headed home and both kids took a little mini nap and when we got home, Mr. came home about 20 minutes after we got home, it was a nice surprise! The reunion was so nice.

Mr. wanted to get some laundry done so he took it out of his suite case and this is what I saw:

I asked him why the piles? He said, well this one (top left) is the one that needs special care and dont' want it  dried, this one (top right) is workout stuff, socks, underwear, this one (bottom right) are all of my polos, and this one (bottom left) are my t-shirts. I said so you think it's going to take four loads of laundry? He said yep, washers can't fit that much can they? I said...you're so cute. But we can't wash this red sweater with these tan pants, lights and darks...and then he did this:

and said, how about now? Haha, he's so cute for trying.

We got some chores done and unpacked while the kids napped. Then my parents came over for a Mother's Day dinner.

The kids had a blast running around.

All in all it was a great weekend despite Mr. being gone for so long. Oh and I forgot, here is the Mother's day Art work Mr. did with the kids:

Mr. said...it looked so much better online then it did in person. I told him it was perfect! If you're wondering what Mr. got my for mother's day? A sky diving session...already made the appointment for 4th of July. Going to jump with my Dad...not literally with him, but at the same time with our tandem partners.

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