Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend Update and a Missing Vlog

Oh man! I actually took video of our weekend, and had half of it ready to go, and then my program crashed...and I lost it...:( Shame on me for not learning after making my Hiking video...The same thing happened during that video. I really need to learn to save my project before I even start...will start doing that, I will, I really will. Anyway, instead of giving you a video of my weekend, I'll have to give you the few sparse photos I took, since I was taking video's all weekend. Hopefully I'll have the video done for Thursday.

 Guess what Mr. wanted to watch all weekend? He didn't even put his stuff down from work before turning it on..mostly because his team was up next.

Friday we went swimming, it was in the 90's and I actually got in the pool, miracle of all miracles.

Bedtime antics, trying to get those last few moments of energy out before the kids go to bed.

We haven't taken one of these in a while...and by while I mean, 2 hours. I love me a good selfie...or groupie? I've pretty much perfected it with my camera.

Saturday was my usual 6am hike, love this hike and it's not getting any easier...why is that?

I got home, showered, got ready and everyone fed and then we were out the door to go to Baby Fox's show performance at the gym.

Waiting for the show to begin.

She got tired of sitting on our laps and played with the Ergo for a while. It's the little things.

This turned out super blurry, but there Baby Fox is, in his blue shorts and shirt, it was supposed to be black, but ya know who makes all back shirts for little boys, no one that's who. They all have dinosaurs or Mickey Mouse, or Darth Vader on it. He did great, and we're so proud of him! They said there would be another small one in August and another big one in November, can't wait to see those too. I just loved watching him (and you will too as soon as I remember to save my stupid file while editing!)

After nap time, Baby Fox wanted to go to my parents house to spend the night, so I dropped him off and Mini Fox and I went shopping. She told me she was cold so I wrapped her up, it was 81° outside...not cold, silly girl.

In case you wanted to know, this is Old Navy, I was returning some stuff, and they had a buy 2 get 1 free in the clearance section. So I got Baby Fox some shirts and I got a dress.

It's still so weird for us, walking past his room and having it empty. But he had a cream and brownies and story...what could be better?

I was missing Baby Fox, so I snuck into peak in on Mini Fox...she's so cute when she sleeps. #creeperstatus

Because Vanessa said it was so good and it was draft weekend, we watched Draft Day, holy cow, talk about suspensful. And this is why I don't watch's too nail biting, make me crazy I don't know the outcome. #IHAVEOCD

Sunday my parents joined us at church and to drop off Baby Fox. See the orange mustache? Baby Fox comes running up to me and says, Mommy guess what?! I had some of Ampa's orange crush (it's really one of those sugar free powdered drinks you put in water)! I sort of laughed and said, you don't! He had no idea his whole mouth and lips were orange.

Mini Fox got Baby Fox's left over donut, you know the part that had no icing...she loved it anyway.

Mini Fox helping Baby Fox carrying his over night backpack. She thought she was hot stuff walking around, everyone else thought she was the most adorable thing walking around. She was getting a lot of oooooh's, and aaawwwww's.

I tried to get them to stand still for a picture, this is the best I got.

Mini Fox has been spending a lot of time in time out...she just stands there, not crying, not doing anything until you come get her...I don't think it's much of a punishment.

Watching some Frozen after naps.

Baby Fox NEVER does this. But he got himself all comfy as we were cleaning up dinner. Spending the night at my parents tires him out. He goes to bed late and gets up early...

And I don't think I took another pictures, but it was normal Sunday stuff, dinner, clean up, making lunches for Monday. It was a good weekend at home with the family.

How was your weekend?

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