Monday, August 3, 2015

July In Numbers

Hello Monday! Today I'm deviating from our regularly scheduled, I've teamed up with Deena and Leslie today to bring to you my July in Numbers. See my other Monthly Numbers posts here.

7 - The number of youtube videos I made. My favorite one.

13 - The number of miles I hiked

2656 -  The number of miles I drove this month (not including going to the grocery store)

21 - The number of allergy shots I got, she comes with me to hold my hand...and play with this thing.

25 - The number of blog posts I wrote in July

10 - The number of time outs Mini Fox got - okay that's probably a lie, it's probably more than that, haha.

10,000 - The number of feet I went up to jump out of a plane.

140 (approximately) - The number of shows we lost on our DVR when the hard drive decided to crash. Okay so 112 of them were for Baby and Mini Fox and the other 28 or so were mine, but Pretty Little Liars and the series finale of Parenthood were on there, which I hadn't watch yet, darn. Plus a bunch of Disney movies we had taped off of the Oh well, it was time for a clean slate.

24 - The number of selfies taken...okay that's a lie too, I took more, but the collage was getting ridiculous, plus who needs to see every face we made, every time? You're Welcome.

559 - The number of pictures I took of my family

14 - The number of boxes I got from Nordstrom- oops.

500 - The number of how much money you can win if you enter my giveaway!

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