Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Most Busy Weekend

Hello! Doing my weekend recap on Tuesday because yesterday I linked up with Deena and Leslie for a My Life In Numbers Post.  We had a busy, busy weekend, although what weekend isn't? We had 4 parties to go to, but only made it to three, so get ready, it's probably going to be picture heavy.

First off, all this week my Dad has been an official at the Special Olympics, he worked Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and loved every minute of it. I don't know what he did Monday and Tuesday, but Thursday and Friday he did the Long Jump. He said the athletes were amazing.

Friday, like I told you last week, I was meeting up with a friend in town from Virginia. I actually did a vlog, so you'll get to see that on Thursday. I went to get my allergy shots before the kids got up, when I got home they were up and hiding...I bet you can't find them. It was a tough one for me.

Baby Fox Loves when Mr. Ed shows up to do the chemicals in the pool. We got a new pool sweep, Mr. Ed was installing it, and can I tell you guys, how awesome it is? It's completely quiet! Life changing, okay not really, but it's pretty awesome to be able to have the slider open and not hear the click, click, click, click, click of the old pool sweep.

Off to Monrovia we went and met up with our friends. It was a low key day, but super fun to get to hang out with good friends. I won't post all the pictures, since a vlog is coming your way. But my favorite pictures. Love that I caught them both in the air.

Just relaxin' in the pool. She was covered from head to toe in grass.

Watching the kids swim. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding, and I in hers.

We went to the park and the street fair after dinner.

Then of course on the way home we stopped at In and Out for some fries for the road.

Saturday went on my usual sunrise hike. 

Luckily I remembered that Baby Fox had a swim lesson at noon, we changed it from Sunday because of all of the parties. So glad I remembered! Mini Fox and I had a birthday party to go to in LA, so Mr. decided to take Baby Fox to the movies and dinner.

But first some dancing with Daddy before they go.

One of the reasons Baby Fox loves the movies is that he gets to sneak in goodies to the theater, of course I think this backpack gives him away, but today he also snuck in his blankie.

How cute is this backpack?

Meanwhile Mini Fox and I drove up to LA (about 50 miles) for our cousin's birthday party. It was at My Gym, and Mini Fox had an absolute blast. The birthday party was actually for 3 kids all turning 2.

This place has it going on, they have every activity planned down to the minute. Here they are blowing wind at them to make the parachute and scarves go flying.

I'm so impressed that Mini Fox will stand there and follow directions. Baby Fox was so shy, he would have never done this at this age.

Next came train rides.

One of the birthday kids/ our cousin.

She's mastering the balance beam...here we come Olympics 2028

Or not...don't worry she didn't hurt herself and it was a slow fall.

Birthday cake time!

She loved jumping into the ball pit...I love this picture of her.

They ended the evening (it was almost 7pm by the time this happened), with bubbles, what's more fun than bubbles?

Or trying to eat them.

They had a photographer there that took a picture with us and the birthday girl (our cousin), so hopefully we'll get a copy of that.

Meanwhile Mr. and Baby Fox sent us this picture. They are of course at In and Out for dinner.

And then we sent back this picture. Getting ready to go home.

Then Baby Fox told Mr. he wanted to send us a silly face picture.

Sunday was the big party day...three parties, but we only made it to two. Oh well. I wrote an email to our neighbor telling her we were sorry we didn't make it to their party. First was our cousin's 5th birthday party/house warming/Her Mom's birthday party. We were only able to stay for an hour because we had to get to the baptism by 1.

Most of the Cuties (my cousin's kids), only three are missing. They were all hot and hungry and didn't want to be sitting there, haha. Plus there were bout 6 people taking pictures, lol.

Off to the baptism of another cousin, well technically really good family friend, but we call each other cousins, do you have that too?

Love this picture of my Sister and Baby Fox.

Family picture...of course they both can't smile at the same time...family photos this year should be fun....said no one ever with a 2 and almost 5 year old.


Had to include this one, we were trying to get Mini Fox to smile so Mr. was holding out her pacifier, and she is trying to get the pacifier in her mouth. So funny. Now if only my Mom was looking at the camera.

After the baptism we went back to their house to party it up.

Big sister got tuckered out...short cat nap before dinner.

After eveyrone else left, the family stayed for dinner afterwards. Isn't that BBQ/Smoker CRAZY?!

We had no idea she would even eat corn...she loved it though!

She actually ate more of the corn off of it than Baby Fox did. Actually she stole his corn right from his plate if we're being truthful.

After dinner there was a show too. Lots of dancing involved.

Audience participation required - My dad is such a good sport

Since last week I wanted to take better jumping pictures...so I made my sister do one with me.

Then we made some others join in.

And finally all of the women there joined in..plus Baby Fox (back there behind my mom)

We had a great weekend, but I was super tired yesterday at work! Usually we have our full busy day on Saturday so I get Sunday to recover...oh well, it was a super fun weekend! Lots of driving but worth it.

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