Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Want To Know My ABC's?

I am straight up copying Pinky with this. I just thought it was fun. So here we go!

A|| Available: Always for a friend

B|| Biggest Fear: Scary Movies

C|| Crushing On: Mr.

D|| Drink You Had Last: Water...at the gym

E|| Easiest Person to Talk To: Mr.

F|| Favorite Song:

Every time I hear this song, I can't help but smile.

G|| Grossest Memory:

Baby Fox (you knew it had to do with the kids) was about 4 weeks old or so, and I'm sitting on the couch holding him, when suddenly I feel something warm on my arms and on my legs. I look down hoping it was just pee, but nope it was the other one. So now imagine me waddling to the bathroom, Baby Fox cradled against my body, legs closed so that the poop doesn't run to the ground. It was super gross, but I laughed about it the next day.

H|| Hometown:

Simi Valley - Home of the Happy Face Hill. For the past 17 years this is what I see when I went home, one day it just appeared and it just makes you smile every time you drive into my home town. It says "home" to me. We do live in desert land, so this is mostly almost always brown, but you can always see the happy face just sitting there greeting you as you enter.

I||  In Love With:

My family, obviously. But a materialistic thing, my Cricut...I love making fun creations with it for parties and what not. I can only image the things I'll be creating for my kids various activities.

J|| Jealous Of:

Too many things to count, and I'm working on letting them not bother me.

K||  Killed Someone:

Say what?!

L|| Longest Relationship:

Mr. - 12 years 1 month.

M||  Middle Name:


N|| Number of Siblings: 2

My brother who is 9 months younger than me.

My sister who is 5 years older than me.

O|| One Wish:

Okay how mom am I? When I read this, I thought, "if I had one wish, it would be for more fish!" from Dinosaur Train...anyone? But my one wish right now, is that Baby Fox marries someone that I love and get along with. Please don't let him date people I absolutely hate...please, please, please.

P|| Person Who Called Last:

Mr.- He seems to get on this list a lot doesn't he? Facetime is a wonderful thing isn't it?

Q|| Question You're Always Asked:

Do you know (fill in the blank)?

R|| Reason to Smile:
These little humans

S|| Song You Last Sang:

Well since I was looking up the song from F, going to have to go with that one. But the last song I sang in the car with Baby Fox on our way home from the gym last night was this:

T||  Time you Woke Up:


U|| Unsure Of:

How I'm going to get through the week without Mr. Just keeping it real.

V||  Violent Moment You Had:

The last time I really got mad was when these people left their dog in their truck with just the little back window open. I was so mad that I actually left a note telling them it was unfair to their dog and that that little window was not enough circulation. Poor dog.

W|| Worst Habit[s]:

Clutter, I collect little piles of things around the house. I seriously look at it everyday and think I need to clean it up, but never do...it's awful, and I hate that about myself. I want to be organized, but just can't seem to get my act together.

X|| Number of X-Rays You've Had:

3, all for the same injury, pathetic right?

Wait are we counting dental x-rays...let's not...so 3.

Y|| Years Young:

35 - 36 in 19 days.

Z|| Zodiac Sign:


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