Monday, November 30, 2015

My Thanksgiving Break and Home Tour Annoucement

Hi All! Sorry I've been MIA these past week, I took and unexpected and nice break from blogging. I still tried to read some of your blogs this week, but I just didn't have the energy to work on my own blog. One day past and then I didn't really have anything for the next day and the next and soon it was Sunday and I still hadn't blogged! Crazy right? But don't worry I have lots of good stuff coming up. Starting tomorrow with what I'm buying my family and friends.

But first a quick recap of what I've been up to. Big news! Monday I got upgraded from my pink cast to a walking boot! It's fantastic to not have to bag up my leg to shower...well in my case take a bath, but whatever. First stop after my boot, Mr. and I went to Costco, and Mr. was just itching to take my ride back to it's spot.

Afterwards we met up with my parents, my sister and our kids (they were watching them while Mr. and I went to the doctors) at my parents church for a HUGE Thanksgiving dinner. They have it down to a science, so awesome, they fed over 1000 people in less than 30 minutes, so much fun to dine with 1000 other church members.

She couldn't be bothered to stop eating for a picture.

It's the Air Jordan boot...seriously it has a pump it thing like Air Jordan's use's currently the most expensive thing in my closet.

The rest of the week I hung with the kids while Mr. worked.

She didn't want to take off her sleep sack...hey who am I to stop her? She's going down the stairs here. We taught the kids to go down the stairs on their belly.

Park time.

Hide and go seek...guess where Mini Fox is?

Wednesday Mr. and I went on a date, it was pretty awesome! Went to a local brewery...

And tested a flight of beer, so yummy.

Then headed off to see the last Hunger Games movie, loved it!

Thursday...but first vitamins...every time we say vitamins, they come running. Mostly because they are gummies and they love them.

We went to my cousin's house and had the most yummy Turkey dinner ever. The kids had a blast! Such a pretty table right?

They had a kids craft.

The hostess on the left.

Yummy food.

In case you wanted to know I made homemade bread, so yummy, delicious and the most easy thing to make EVER! Seriously add ingredients, mix with spoon, cook. No kneading, no punching, no nothing. And it tastes delicious and you get lots of credit for making homemade bread for little to no work! It's called the 5 minute Artisan Bread, no joke that's what they call it.

 Friday Mr. had to study, but first we took the kids to see Santa. We made a reservation, paid $10 which also went towards a package we already buy and we waiting in no line, super easy, highly suggest it! Santa pictures coming later (linking up with Courtney on December 10th) . See what I did there, made you want to come back to see if there was as much crying this year as last...

After we got the pictures we snuck over the fence so we could get this shot...worth it!

And since we were at the mall, my mom and I shopped till we dropped...I know shopping on Black Friday it was actually fun, I probably could have gone longer if my foot wasn't in a BOOT! And not the sexy, riding kind, haha. My dad came and got the kids for naps so that we could keep shopping, what a trooper.

Me waiting for Mom to try things on...take a breather...

We went back to my parents house till Mr. picked us up (you know cause I can't drive, going on 6 weeks...ahhh!!!!). When I got there my sister was spoiling the kids with hot chocolate. Baby Fox is helping, see his cute little hand guiding my sisters hand? Adorable.

Mini Fox was just waking up from her nap when I got there and wanted nothing to do with me.

Then this happened...

Yes that really did happen...starting them young.

We decided to go get some Thai, so off to the store to pick up a few things and our favorite Thai place. Bundled up because we had no idea we weren't going home after Santa and it was cold out...45° is cold in my book.

Riding in style.

Saturday Mr. had to study pretty much all day, so I decorated a little, stay tune for the announcement at the end of this post. We made a tent (see background) and the kids watched some movies.

Later friends came over with their kids, they ran like wild things and we got to chat and eat, it was great! I look like a mess, threw my hair in a bun and called it a day, no make-up, no nothing.

Then of course some French braiding lessons happened...he would DIE if he knew I posted this, so shhhh, don't tell, hehe. No he didn't quite get it, but for not knowing how to braid at all, he did pretty good. I was actually try to teach my other friend...her husband thought he should know too, cute right?

Sunday we hung out, decorated and went to my parents for yet another Thanksgiving dinner. We have so much to be thankful for we just kept on celebrating. Yum!

Our family tree...Mr's favorite.

Opening each ornament with Daddy.

Guess who put those here?

Then they just wanted to be under the tree and take their nap there.

The house is really coming along...speaking of which...guess what?!

Courtney and Beth asked me to join them in a Holiday Home Tour! So come back on December 14th and link up all your pretty homes with us. I love to see all the love and holiday cheer that comes with the season. So start taking pictures of your decorations, use the button below and invite us in for a Holiday Home Tour! Can't wait to see what you all have done...

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