Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Blended Blog: Day In the Life Blog Hop

Welcome! My first ever Day in the Life Post. I've always meant to do one of these, but never did it for some reason. I always love reading other people's DITL, so why not?! The ladies at The Blended Blog and I decided that we wanted to do a DITL, but thought it would be fun if we all documented the same day, seeing what everyone else was doing on the same day. After you read mine, follow along the hop and see what everyone else was up to.

7:50am: I wake up the first time, realize it's only 7:50am and roll back over to catch a few more zzzzzzz.....

8:10am: Baby Fox wakes up and asks to go use the restroom...actually it's more like a "I HAVE TO GO PEEE!!!" (screamed through his closed door, and then waits for us to say okay go ahead....seriously we've tried so many times to tell him to just go, and he won't...2am..."I HAVE TO GO PEE!!" scares the living daylights out of me...every time! I digress...)

8:12am: Baby Fox goes back to his room, no time to get up yet.

8:30am: Mr. gets up to go ride his bike

Not taken that morning...
8:42am: I get up, use restroom and brush teeth.

8:46am: I go get Baby Fox up, and then we go get Mini Fox up (our clock is 10 minutes off)

He's ready for the day!

First she wants her back rubbed....then...

She said she wanted me inside her crib with her...and Baby Fox wanted to take our picture... 

9:02am: I make the kids breakfast while they watch Tangled

          Mini Fox requested "I want eggs and cheese on top of toast, peeeaazz"

          Baby Fox requested "I want oatmeal with toast in strips please" And I added part of a left over    apple pancake from earlier in the week.

10:01am: Breakfast clean up (yes it takes them almost 45 minutes to eat breakfast...)

10:10am: Get the kids ready for the day. Baby Fox likes to pick out his own clothes.

Mini Fox wants her hair like Elsa...who am I to say no?

10:38am: Leave for Baby Fox's hair cut (long over due)

10:50am: Arrive and Baby Fox gets his hair cut

11:40am: I drop off the kids and Mr. at home and get to go on errands by myself! The original plan was I take Mini Fox and Mr. goes back with Baby Fox to watch Star Wars. Mini Fox objected to that plan and wanted to stay with the boys.

Mr. took some pictures for me so I could include what they did while I was cute.

Meanwhile I got to go to several stores...mostly I was trying to think up of a Valentine's Day Craft for the blog/ to give to Baby Fox's school friends. I came up with a Juice Box Robot

So excited, errands by myself, totally unexpected!!!!

First stop was Walmart, which I bought the juice boxes, but forgot to take a picture. Next stop was Hobby Lobby, I was looking for some baskets to replace the ones we have in our family room and maybe find some Valentine's Day inspiration. I found neither.

Then I had the bright idea of stopping at Party City, I thought that maybe they're cheap candy section would have some stuff for my robot...

1:32pm: I take Mini Fox to my parents so she can take her nap and spend the rest of the evening there

2:00pm: Spa day with a friend! It was so nice to catch up with her and relax for a bit.

The door leading into  the Spa, obviously I couldn't take any pictures inside
3:30pm: Leave spa to go pick up Baby Fox for his first sleep over!

3:50pm: Pick up Baby Fox and Mr. and head over to friends house to spend the night.

Seriously he jumps out of the car and yells, by while waving we weren't going to walk him in..silly kid.

Off and playing...

4:15pm: We're FREEEEE!!!! We head back to the house to get ready for our date!

5:30pm: Leave to go out...

6:30pm: The two restaurants we wanted to eat at have 3 hour wait times! Oops, didn't realize it would be so packed on a Saturday...

6:50pm: We are at a local brewery place.

8:00pm: We pick up Mini Fox from my parents, she had a blast at the church spaghetti dinner

They put these blankets up when people are moving in or out of the complex my parents live in.

She loves riding the cart

8:35pm: We are home and put Mini Fox down for the night

8:45pm: Sit down to watch a movie with Mr. - We watched Room, I read the book and it was very true to the book. I liked it, perhaps too serious for a date night, but whatever, Mr. said I could pick what I wanted.

And that my friends is my day on January 23rd! It was super fun to participate in this blog hop with the other Blended Blog ladies, I can't wait to see what they were doing on the same day as me. Now go hop into Nicole's day and she what she did.

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