Monday, February 22, 2016

Weekend Recap

Weekend 2 without the Mr. over! We survived the weekend, and everyone is still alive, win.

Friday we went to the mall to get some Cheesecake Factory for dinner, and of course I left my phone and camera at home, so no pictures. We did dinner, went to the playground and had fun. And then we came home I put the kids to bed and then made 16 dozen cookies. If you're wondering they look like this:

Saturday morning was fairly lazy. Baby Fox is up on the bed and Mini Fox wanted to watch tv on the floor.

Breakfast of eggs and peaches

After breakfast we headed off to a new park to meet up with some friends. It was actually a really cool park, then entire thing was in shade, win in my book, definitely be back in the summer.

This was the popular thing to do at the park, they kept coming back to this one, it spun, what's better than this?

And this, how many kids can fit on the seesaw?

Afterwards we hit up the grocery store, this girl wanted to be worn and he wanted in the cart instead of walking around so it worked out. They wanted to hold hands the entire time, super cute and I worked on my side walking at the same time.

And then we took some selfies

Silly girl

Of course it's late and the kids need lunch so we stopped at our favorite place...can anyone guess?

Waiting for our food

Usually we wait till we get home to eat, but since home was 20 minutes away, I made an exception to the rule of eating in the car and each one of them got their own box, she only got fries in her box and she thought it was the the coolest thing ever.

Back home to finish up naps and then we had some friends over. These three are just the best. I love them so much. The reason why they're standing here... they wanted to know who was taller.

Sunday was a birthday party at a fun kids museum. The food was endless.

The kids had a blast and asked me when we can go back.

Happy Birthday little ones!

After naps we headed over to my parents for dinner. Always a great way to end the weekend.

How was your weekend?

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