Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Legoland Review: 5 Must See Things

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I'm finally doing that Legoland Review that I promised you a while back. I know took me long enough right? So here it is!

I think I will do the Do's in this post and save the Don'ts for another post.


Stay at the Legoland Hotel if you can! It's pretty amazing! They cater to  your every need.

Upon check in they give you and your kids a scavenger hunt. Fill in the numbers and it opens the treasure box in your room filled with some Legos for the kids to keep!


You don't really even have to stay at the hotel to do this, every night they have entertainment for the kids and a Lego building contest. Each month they have a them of what to build. When we went it was something that you love. The night we went they did about an hour of entertainement, and hour of the lego building contest and then another hour or so of a magic show.

This is where the entertainment happens. The moat around the boat is filled with Legos to build your creations.

Where I am taking the picture above from is a lounge/bar area for the parents to hang out and watch their kids play, win-win for everyone.

Magic show time - This time Baby Fox got picked to help with the magic show, he was so excited!


If you stay at the hotel you get into the park 30 minutes before everyone else. Hit up the rides with the longest lines like Lost Kingdom Adventure (it's a shooting target game).

 That is my kids favorite ride/game there and the lines there tend to get long.


There are several places to build things like at the Build and Test where you make race cars and race them against other people.

Or build a raft, especially on those hot days, this will come in handy to get a little wet.


You have to let your kids run around at The Hidaways. There is only one way in and one way out, so they can't wonder off, it gives you a small break and they LOVE it in there! Plus they get tired and blow off some steam.

So there you have it, the 5 must see things to do according to my kids. I would like to say that an Honorable mention is the big slides. My kids LOVE that thing.

If you've ever been to LEGOLAND what is your must have or must do? Sound off below for people planning a trip!

Come back next week for my 5 Don't bother things.

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