Thursday, February 18, 2016

$10 Target Haul...Okay it was $8, Oops!

Hello Foxy People! I try not to say Guys, but I feel like you're my friends, so I want to call you something other than guys...I like Foxy People, Foxy Ladies is good, but what if guys read the blog that's rude to them? I think it goes with the Foxy things around here...thoughts? It's okay to hate it, I won't be offended.

Okay back to the post, last month I saw that Becky, Beth, Courtney. Elizabeth, Rachel, Stephanie, Tif Whitney, and a different than the previous one, Whitney had all linked up what they got for just $10 at Target. I thought it was such a fun idea that I decided to do it too, and then they decided to make it a link up, fun!

I have to admit I sort of failed this go around, oops! I thought something was cheaper than it was...but it was not. So the three things I thought were $3 each did not work out. I had to get rid of the last thing I wanted, which made my purchases only totaled $8.64. Of course when I went to take a picture of my receipt, the one that I thought wasn't in the bag when I threw it away and then took out the trash...yea so it was in there and got thrown out, and I'm all for trash digging when money is to be found, but not so much for a receipt. So you'll have to trust me on the $8.64.

I ended up getting two things, a Love Garland

And a Magnetic Calendar for Baby Fox

Right when I got home, Baby Fox wanted to tear open the calendar, I made him wait so I could take these pictures, hehe. Blogger life.

Anyway, it was a great tool to use for writing his numbers and putting on the little magnets to show what holidays were coming up. He loved it.

Mini Fox wanted one too, oops, should have bought two, oh well. So she made one out of paper.

The finished products

For the wreath I had big plans to do their photo shoot for February with it...yea...not so example. Expecting a 5 year old and 2 year old to hold a sign...what was I thinking? In theory super cute right? Now if only I could get it in focus, the letters straight, and them smiling at me...

Oh well, now it's hanging on our mantel until I get the St. Patrick's Day stuff out...which is 1 sign, perhaps this year I'll buy some more stuff. We cleared up some bins in the garage after giving away some that means more storage for decorations right?

What are some of your favorite things at Target, I would love to know if I'm missing out on anything!

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