Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Create 28: A Swing Dress and Hair Challenge Week 24

We're back to week 2 of the Create 28! Head on over to The Blended Blog to see a recap on how each prompt was styled.

This week I didn't do much, I wish I had something with fringe, perhaps that is my new goal, find something cool with fringe, I'm thinking summer sandals or a purse. Or maybe some fun fringe sleeves...hmmm...anyway, I got a new dress from Old Navy.....actually just after I bought it Whitney styled the same exact dress...great minds think alike!

Apparently I don't like the iron, oops! Sorry about that. I am just loving the swing dress style this season. Mr....not so much, but what does he know? He think everything just looks big, lol...he has a point, but it's so comfy, you can't NOT wear it!

I went simple with the accessories, just added a simple necklace, I find when I wear earrings, Mini Fox finds them super fascinating and either asks to get her ears pierced (over Mr.'s cold dead body, he says at least 12, I'm pushing for 8...well see who wins that battle), or tries to steal them out of my ears.

I saw this hair style and immediately wanted to try it. I think I've decided that my favorite looks are the ones where my hair is half up, gets my hair out of my face and at the same time I get to feel girly with my hair down.

Now onto the hair challenge, this week I just did a couple, it's hard to do my hair during work...

Seriously I am messy bun matter how hard I try...I JUST CAN'T DO IT!

One day...

Off to dinner and Mini Fox asks me...where Mama Make-Up? I said I'm not wearing any...she said...make-up Mama...uh oh, I'm creating some sort of monster that won't go out of the house without I complied and quickly did my hair and make-up in 10ish minutes...okay more like 15, caught.

Mr. and I have waited patiently for Game of Thrones to start up, and then we let 7 episodes stack up before we watched, so we had been binge watching them all I took this style from the Mother of Dragons...she has way more hair...but ya know I had 10 minutes.

Sunday we went to a birthday party, this might look familiar from above...yep, I took that outfit picture after naptime. This was before we went to the party.

Did you read my post from yesterday? It was all about how to go 3-5 days between washing your hair...for the record this is day 3 hair.

Link up your outfits posts, I want to see what you styled this week!

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