Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What In My...Bag

Hello Foxy Friends! The Blended Blog ladies and I are starting a new series/link up called What's in My...fill in the blank the first Tuesday of each Month. This month it's What's In My Handbag....We all want to know the real story of what's in your bag, not the pretty bags that you see on IG...I know for me my bag NEVER looks like that!

So head on over to The Blended Blog to see what is in the prompt leaders bags, Lisa, Alison, Nicole and Whitney.

Let's get started, I'm going to show you the real deal. I took out some napkins from my purse and that's it...everything else you see is how I pulled it out of my purse.

Let's start with the bag, this is my bag, Mr. got me from a Kate Spade flash sale. He did good. 
Let's first take a peek inside my bag.

I know, so much stuff in there right? It weight a ton...not even exaggerating.
Lets use some labels....cause who doesn't love labels? So much stuff right? So let's break it down by category.
Let's start with the kids stuff...too much kid stuff. I had no idea there was this much kid stuff in my purse. Apparently my kids like to stash things in my purse.
These bags, have no real rhyme or reason other than I stick random things in it apparently. But it works for me, so I kept it that way.
The silver bag has some medical stuff in it...
And the pink bag...let's just call that a make-up'ish bag that I found all sorts of other things in there too, like stamps? What were those doing in there?
Yes I really do carry around both of these planners with me, the one on the left is our family planner and the one on the right is my blogger planner. I can't believe I went this long without a blogger planner, makes my life so much easier when doing blog posts on the weekend.
Yep I have a bag just for my gum...cause why not?
And that's everything in my bag...and I have to thank this prompt because it made me clean out my purse and it's so much lighter...so thank you!
I realized as I was adding the text to the pictures that I forgot to put my phone in there. I usually keep my phone in that little pocket sewn into the side of the purse. I keep that and my blog cards in there, cause there have been so many times I want to give someone my blog card and don't have any on me, so I keep a few in those pockets and a few in my purse.
I hope that you join in on the fun!
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