Thursday, March 1, 2018

Costco and Sprouts Grocery Haul + Meal Planning

Hello Foxy Friends! Today I'm bringing you another grocery haul. The last time I posted, I got some really good feed back and it seemed that everyone was interested, so here I am again, showing you all the things we eat. I'm going to be honest, I am lazy-ish when it comes to food. So we may or may not eat the same thing for dinner for 3 nights in a row....Mr. doesn't care, and I only have to cook once for 3 days. Okay let's get into it.

Here is the video I put together of everything we bought.

Receipt break down:


 Green Grapes (2.42 lbs) -  $4.79
Limes (2) - $0.50
Organic Carrots (0.70 lb) - $0.69
Red Potatoes (1.51 lb) - $1.49
Tri Color Coleslaw - $1.49
Yellow Onions (0.69 lb) - $0.35
Frozen Peas (2 packages) - $2.99 (on sale buy one get one free)


Chicken Stock - $6.49
Organic Prune Juice - $7.99
      CRV  - $0.10
Organic Pear Juice - $3.99
     CRV - $0.10
Hulled Sunflower Seeds (0.14lb) -


OMEGA 3 Gummies - $26.39 (on sale)


Extra Large Eggs (2 dozen) - $5.98
Cream Cheese - $1.99
Sour Cream - $2.49

Cheddar Cheese - $4.37

Red Wine - $8.99

Total: $104.28

Stater Brothers:

Beef Chuck (3.5 lb) - $14.34


Organic Turkey Slices -$12.79
Organic Chicken Pieces - $12.99
Organic Fuji Apples - $9.99
Strawberries - $4.99
Mediterranean Salad Mix - $5.99
Organic Guacamole (3 pack) - $11.99
Hot Dogs (4 pack) - $10.99
Milk (3 half gallons) - $10.49
Butter (4 pack) - $10.29
Allegra (going to return, allergist wants me using something else) - $34.79

Total: $128.00   <--- When does an even number ever happen? I love that.

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What we still need to get: Fish and tortillas for dinner on Friday night.

What we ate this week:

We are super boring, like SUPER boring, we can eat the same thing multiple days in a row...that being said.

Sunday-Wednesday: Beef Stew (it lasted way longer then we thought it would, we are both trying to cut back on the amount of food we eat for dinner, so it makes food last way longer).

Thursday: Not sure what were going to eat tonight, but I think I'm going to do a protein shake and Mr. will probably make eggs.

Friday: Fish Tacos

Saturday: Going to Medieval Times, so eating at the show

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