Thursday, March 22, 2018

Trying on 15 LipSense Colors

Hi all! I decided to get crazy a few months ago and wear every single color of Lipsense. I know crazy, I even got a few while I was putting this together and added those in too! I might have a slight addiction. Similar to the time when I tried on a bunch of Kylie Lip Kits and tried on all of those colors too, what can I say, I find something I like and I run with it. Alright here is the video I put together:

I am wearing three layers of each color, combined with Glossy Gloss. The colors I am wearing are:

Caramel Apple


Lexie Bear-Y

Aussie Rose

Apple Cider



Sheer Berry

Mulled Wine

Glam Doll

Purple Reign

Dark Pink

Fly Girl


B. Ruby

So there you have it 15 colors of Lipsense. So do you own any? What do you think? I'm obsessed and my other lipsticks are sort of getting jealous.

If you want to try them out, contact my Canadian friend, Shaunacey and if you are from the US contact my friend Becky.

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