Friday, March 23, 2018

Friday Favorites #156

Hi Foxy Friends! Happy Friday! Today is my day off, woo hoo, I love my off Fridays, makes the longer work days the other 9 days worth it. Having our friends over for dinner as usual...have no idea what I'm making for least this is our last non-meat Friday, at least where we are making dinner. What to make, what to make....anyway, here are my Friday Favorites.

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CrystalBethJess  and Stephanie host a monthly link up, it's simple, 5 things that bring you joy. So here are my 5 things for the month.

| One | That Lipsense video up there, it was so fun to make/edit and I love make up. I'm finding a new love for making videos. I have so many ideas in my head and not enough hours in the day.

| Two | New friends. I've been going to the gym with this lady for the past couple of years, and we've been friendly and talked, our kids go to the same school, but recently we've been talking more and we're finding that we have so much in common and are wondering why we didn't talk sooner! It's always fun finding new friends. Plus they kids get along with our kids and the husbands get it's win-win. Glad to have new friends to hang out with.

| THREE | Throwing my aunt her surprise party. It was the best. Read all about it here.

| Four | These kids. They are at such a great age. Great to talk them out, to travel with them and to explore the world with them!

| Five | Friday night dinners with these folks. We swap whose house we go to each week and it's the BEST way to end the week with good friends, movies and snuggles.

Other things happening in my world. Ice cream dates, those are fun. No one can turn down Thrifty's ice cream.

Legoland trip a couple of weeks ago, was so much fun, we were only there for 6 hours but it was so fun, and the weather was perfect and the ride lines were short!

This girls started soccer last Saturday. Amazing what a year will do. She's right in there, and not the youngest on the team...woo hoo! Oh and she posed like this all on her own. I did not have anything to do with it.

Mini Fox is getting so strong. She stayed like this longer than any of the boys in her class. She's one touch chick.

This made me laugh, once a dad always a dad. I was coordinating with my dad picking up Baby Fox from school and this is how he ends our conversation.

Also you know a huge group message was going around while you didn't have your phone on you during surprise party when you see how many text messages you have.

Last week we celebrated Mr.'s birthday. The day of was just a normal day, baseball, I left my phone at the gym, so had to leave the kids with him to go retrieve phone, luckily it was exactly where I left it on the treadmill an hour later! This is why I love my gym so much! But we did celebrate the next night with some friends.  I made prime rib that came out perfect!

 Made a carrot cake...everyone said it was really good.

And sang happy was a great evening.

Here's to many more birthday celebrations!

This is just a feel good segment from American Idol...which I thought went away? I'm so confused...why is it back?

I need this in my office, I think all of us could use it right about now.

Yep, this. I need this in my life.

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