Thursday, March 1, 2018

Sentence A Day: February Edition

1 -  Target run with the kids to get Swedish Heart Candy...cause that's totally reasonable reason to go to Target right?

2 - Playdate with some neighbors, we live near each other, yet never have time to see each other...funny how that works.

3 - MIL in town, yay!

4 - Always fun to get together with family for Superbowl, plus found out my cousin is pregnant with another girl!

5 - Video editing have gymnastics night.

6 - Trying to set up this V-day photo shoot...I hope this works out!

7 - I finally found my weighted gloves for class tonight, woo hoo!

8 - Much needed MNO to finish off the night.

9 - We went night snow tubing, which is basically like the Luge...right?

10 - Hiking and hanging with friends is always fun.

11 - Got so much done after we got home from the mountains, I love super productive days.

12 - Gymanstics/Trampoline classes means Mama gets to her video of the week.

13 - Sick, sick, sick...always sick, stupid sinuses

14 - Happy Valentine's Day, just another day with work, Ash Wednesday service and baseball practice.

15 - Baby Fox's school performance, he is so darn cute!

16 - Friday night dinner with friends back on!

17 - Dinner with Aunt and Uncle, always a good time.

18 - Met up with a new blogging friend, love meeting bloggers in real life.

19 - Unexpected friend and two of her kids come to visit while traffic dies down that's always fun!

20 -  Ugh, my turn to drive the van, my least favorite day of the week.

21 - Finally back to working out after being sick for what felt like forever!

22 - The appointment is finally here, EKG and Echo done for Baby Fox and all came back good, phew!

23 - Dinner at our friends house is always a good day.

24 - Full day today, Mr. and I have to divide and conquer, but we ended the evening together for a school gala.

25 - Lazy day of catching up = good day (although our Christmas tree is still up, in my defense it's in a room I don't spend a ton of time in and it's an out of sight out of mind type of thing happening)

26 - So happy that the gym has a program where Baby Fox can still go to trampoline class and we won't have to pay for the classes that he can't go to because of his baseball games.

27 - Worked out because I thought we were going to get onion rings and Pastrami for dinner, but we didn' sad.

28 - Good workout today, feeling sore which is always a good feeling.

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