Monday, March 19, 2018

$10 Target Haul March Edition

Hi Foxy Friends! I know two posts in one day, crazy pants right?! But I really wanted to do both of these posts with some fun blogging ladies, so here I am another post down for the week. For this months post, I actually got to go to Target be told, I told Mr. I was going to the grocery store and then "accidentally" stopped at Target on my way, haha! Anyway, mostly it was all the stuff there was Easter related, so I got some Easter stuff. In hopes that I would decorate for Easter...maybe? I've been super lazy decorating for the seasons this year, not sure, just don't have the motivation?

Here is what I found:

I thought I would use the bunny as the center of my door Wreath.

The kids love the window cling had to get some of those.

I loath dying eggs, I have no idea why. But I just don't like it, we've never done it with the kids. I found those eggs that are fake and they can color on them and they are already decorated..done. They were excited when they saw them, so mission accomplished, on me more year of no egg dying is good for me.

I actually realize while I'm writing this I also bought some hair things for Bella but she tore into them as soon as she saw them. Oops.

How did I do spending wise?

Easter Eggs: $3
Bunny Sign: $3
Window Stickers: $1
Hair Clips: $1

Total: $8.60

Darn I could have spent another dollar, hehe.  So what did you buy? Anything good?

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