Thursday, March 15, 2018

Happy Birthday Mr.

Happy Birthday Mr.! Today is Mr.'s 41st birthday....I feel like it was just yesterday that we were celebrating 40. Although today is just a normal day of work, and baseball  practice, I wouldn't want to do life with anyone else. Okay enough about the mushy stuff. Last time I shared things I love about Mr. this time I thought I would share some random facts about him.

  • He is a huge tea drinker and drinks at least a cup a day. But also really likes coffee and we just recently got a coffee machine, because he thought his addiction would be too great if he could make his own coffee at will. It didn't and he's pretty good to making one cup in the morning and then drinking tea for the rest of the afternoon.
  • Speaking of tea and coffee, he has a whole coffee/tea station in our kitchen.

  • He can only drink tea from a ceramic cup (minus paper ones), but will not drink it from a plastic or steel cup as he thinks he can taste the plastic/tin in his tea. His tea cups are ginormous!

  • Makes a point to drive his "fun" car to work once a week and drive with the top down. I call it the yellow car...well because it's yellow, but it's a 1998 Mercedes...something or other.

Man that took longer than expect to find a picture of the yellow car.
  • His next fun car he wants a Porsche of some sort. (mine is going to be a Maserati)
  • Has lived on his own since he was 18.
  • Bought his first condo (the one I moved into when we got married), when he was 22.
  •  Plays several instruments and went to a performing arts school for high school. 
  •  Was in the California All State Band and was first chair (for those that know music that's a big deal)
  • Self taught guitar and piano
  • Writes songs in his spare time (like he has spare time!)
  • Got his MBA last year and is now working on a second masters. 
  • Really wants a 100 inch TV
  • He really likes being organized, see his tea cabinet above. Our garage cabinets looks similar
I think that's enough random stuff for Mr....hopefully he's not too embarrassed by it all.

Happy Birthday Mr.! Here is to many more years of birthday celebrations. Sorry I didn't have time to make cheesecake like you requested, but I will make one in the near future for you!

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