Tuesday, March 13, 2018

My Mom Fail And I Lived To Tell The Tale

Today I'm linking u with Shay and Ericka for another round of How We...today's topic is mom fail and lived to discuss. Gosh where to start with this one....haha.

So we're at Legoland...we are with my cousin and her two kids.

Her husband was working, so it was her, her two kids, myself, my two kids and Mr. Mr. is being the crazy guy he is an entertaining the kids via, driving the stroller like a madman. My cousin rented a stroller from Legoland, while we were using our double Bob. He had all the kids (yep all 4 of them) in the rented stroller. We had a fast pass, for lack of better word, that would get us into the fast track lane of all the rides. The kids wanted to go on this shooting game that has an Indian Jones type feel to it. So we all race to what we thought was that fast pass entrance. The man told us, no it's over there, so we all race over there. All of us thinking that Mini Fox was with us...so we're in front of the line, and we're discussing who is riding with who on the ride...when suddenly we realize, Mini Fox is missing. Mr. and I immediately start running toward where we last were (about 50 feet), and we see Mini Fox crying hysterically running towards us...thank goodness! All in all, it was probably 2-3 minutes she was missing! But really 20 seconds from the time we discovered it! We asked her what she was doing for those 1-2 minutes before she started running...she said...I was running in circles. Suffice to say, we always keep a good count of who is where now!

Please tell me one of your stories so I don't feel so bad!

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