Friday, March 30, 2018

Friday Favorites #157

Hi Foxy Friends! Kids have Spring Break starting after school today! So excited for them. We're doing a trip to the mountains, but not until Thursday, so looking forward to taking time off of work, I've been working about 5-10 overtime hours a week, it's starting to get to taking some time to enjoy the family for the long weekend. Anyway, let's get to my Friday Favorites.

In case you missed it this week:

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I wanted to get a video up yesterday, but Mr. was upgrading the computer still, so it will have to wait...

What's going on with us? Well life has gotten crazy. Before kids...yep my kid is only going to do one thing a we've ended up with 4...say what? We just signed Baby Fox back up for karate lessons. We were wanting to do it after baseball, but a good deal came up and we jumped on it. He has his first lesson last night, he was in Karate before and we had to stop, but we're back at it! It's so cool, before we were at a place where we couldn't see what they were doing and we weren't allowed to watch, but Baby Fox's Sensei has moved locations and now we get to see everything, it's pretty awesome.

Then we have this girl doing soccer.

Baby Fox doing baseball, he's the "pitcher" in this picture.

And then there is gymnastics and trampoline class too...

OH and he has aerodynamics/paper airplane class too...but that's just a 6 week thing...phew..I'm tired just thinking about it...but I love that they are interested in so many things.

You guys, I FINALLY have a girl with hair long enough I can do a crown braid...this make my heart so happy you have no idea.

She sees a dog an immediately wants to pet it.

After school treat of In and Out shakes...drinking it at Costco.

When we went into Costco I tried to get one of those picture where you don't know where you are...but they weren't really cooperating...but it was fun none-the-less.

She says I have a good about I stand here...this is her sneaky face.

Okay going to bombard you with a bunch of The Blended Blog stuff now so you can mark your calender's and get to linking up with us!

First up, as most of you know, the first Monday of every month is The Blended Blog Asks and then everyone else answers. It's a fun way to get to know fellow bloggers and it's an easy Monday morning post. So get to answering the questions and link up with us!

Next, is the topics for the rest of the Mondays in April:

Last, we decided to go back to how things used to be for our Wednesday style posts and give people some promts. I find it easier to do outfit posts when someone is telling me what to do, so here are all of the Spring Fashion link up propmts. Obviously, you don't have to follow it, but if you are feeling a little creative-less, then use these prompts!

And last but certainly not least. my good friend and fellow The Blended Blogger is a published author! There were 11 ladies who contributed with their personal journey and stories. Carrie is sharing her journey with God and the relationships around her, she gets real and I'm super proud to call her friend. I can't wait to read it! Click here for more details from Carrie.


While I don't have teenagers yet, I fully agree with this 100%.

I haven't seen this one yet...but wow, he's so good. Just thinking about how much coordinating and the choreography to do, just wow. Everything he does is awesome.

Speaking of The Greatest Showman, I was telling Mr. that I wanted to get it when it came out on video, he says, why do you get a hard copy (engineer speak for physical copy), why not just get the digital copy. I said, we'll it's almost the same cost and it comes with a digital copy. So why not get the one from the store. He looks at me and says, do you even know how to use the digital copy? Haha, caught, yep have no idea how to retrieve them. Every single one of our Disney movies has come with a digital copy and I have no idea how to retrieve them...this is why I need a hard copy of it.

Hope you all have a great Easter weekend! See you on Monday for some TBB Asks!

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