Tuesday, April 10, 2018

10 Things In My Car

Last year I participated with Erin for 10th on the 10th and she's continuing it this year, click here for those posts. Well this year she has come up with 12 new topics that I hope to participate in as well! This month is 10 things in my car. I have some pretty random things in my car, so here it goes.

The first few aren't so random... don't think.

My sunglasses, I did a post on my favorite sunglasses. My normal ones weren't in the car when I was taking pictures. But go here to see my favorite CHEAP sunglasses.

Next up is all of my car repair paperwork. Yep, every oil change and major service goes into this envelope. Strange I keep it in my car, probably, but hey it works and I always know where it is.

Then there is the thing that I use maybe twice a year, maybe 3 times...but yet it stays in my car full time. That is my umbrella. This thing is awesome, it has a button that puts it up and then the same button puts it down, so now fiddling with getting it down, just flip a  button and BAM it's down and in your car.

My windshield shades, a must in the summer. What I dislike the most is getting into my car to a hot steering wheel. I pretty much always use a sunshade, even when it's cloudy out, you just never know when it's going to be hot. Like yesterday, it was 85°F...29°C, totally random, and then Thursday is suppose to go back down to 67°, go figure.

This is pretty much always in my car, although I don't really like this brand, I bought it at Costco, so I have a Costco size pack to go through...talk about torture, but I don't want to waste money, so I deal with it, and give a piece to everyone and anyone who wants one.

Moving onto my trunk...

These are going to be totally random, but it has come in handy on more than one occasion. The worst is when you get somewhere and your stroller tires are flat, it happened to us once, and we ended up having to carry a 2 year old everywhere...everyone has an air compressor in their trunk right? Oh and a blow up mattress pump for the cigarette lighter. Hey we've used it a couple of times...might as well keep it in there right?

Always have some hand sanitizer in there too. I like these wet ones, and then I also have the spray kind too. Depends on how dirty the kids hands are for which one I'm going to use.

This one I talked about in this video...so if you want to know exactly what's in it, go look at it there, time: 5:37 in the video for details. Anyway, I've used it once and then a friend has used it once...totally worth it! What is it? A portable car jumper, so you don't need anything other than this thing, and it totally works and you never have to worry about finding someone to help jump your car because it's self contained. Everyone should own one!

My waterproof blanket, has come in handle so many times I can't count. I just keep it in the car all the time because you never know when you'll need it. Once we went to a play with the kids and the theater put the air conditioning under all of the seats, talk about cold! So got this thing put it on the ground and blocked all of that cold air from hitting us. See, never know when you'll use it!

Last but not least reusable bags? Need I say more?

Honorable mention goes to these guys: The BEST chair possible. It has it's own sunshade, and makes for a square backpack. We all have one and a good portion of the year you will find it in my trunk to watch all of the kids sports stuff.

Comes in handy, I think half of Baby Fox's league has one after seeing ours.

So those are the 10 things always in my car. What do you always have in your car that is totally random?

If you want to join in the fun, here are the topics.

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