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Friday Favorites #161

Hi Foxy Friends! Let me tell you going back to work after having 6 days off, hard work I tell ya! But I made it and luckily I only had to go to work for 2 days, then weekend! Plus my brother is coming to visit this weekend I  haven't seen him since has it really been that long? Long overdue! Okay let's get to my favorites...I usually recap my previous weekend on Fridays (I know it takes a while to get my act together...anyway...) but I recapped that on Monday this week. So I'm going to recap my three day getaway with Mr, along with other stuff.

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Mr. and I love going to The Simpson House Inn, it's a 5 star bed and breakfast in Santa Barbara, usually the prices are for 10 year anniversary type things, but they had a cyber Monday sale, the first time ever, that we've seen, so we jumped on it and booked the trip. The last time we were here was for our 10 year anniversary, so 3 years ago. Man time goes fast!

This is the main house, we stayed in a cottage just to the left of this picture.

This was our room. The part to the front is a different room, but we had that door and the windows on the second floor that you can see.

What we love, is they have a fantastic happy hour, with hot appetizers and yummy cheeses.

After we stuffed our faces with the Hors D'oeuvres, we decided to head to State Street to walk around a bit before dinner. We were going to try and hit up a movie, but decided to take a nap was glorious. We ended up this fun bar called Fox Tail.

Strange that it was Mediterranean and burgers, but it worked. We got the Baba Ganoush and the Shawarma Sliders, both were delicious. We ate a little on the lighter side, because of all the food at the hotel, but it was nice to try some small things out.

When we got back they had turned down our bed and gave us chocolates with a personalized card (it has our last name on it, but they personalized the card, it was pretty cool).

We ended the evening with a fire and some champagne. By the way the Kirkland Champagne is delicious! Highly recommend.

What happens when you stay at a bed and breakfast? You get breakfast of course! First morning the hot breakfast was French Toast, I don't care for French Toast so I opted for eggs and toast and fruit. You tell them what time you want them to come and then they set up breakfast for you anywhere we wanted. We chose in the room, since it was low 50's outside (too cold for these softies).

Even came with a cute card of encouragement.

After we ate breakfast we were lazy and casually got ready. First stop of the tasting of course.

We were the only ones there and the let us in the wine barrel room.

We bought a few bottles of wine, it was buy two get your tasting fee "waived" so we had to get 4 bottles right?

After wine tasting we knew we wanted to try out this taco place called Goa guys...if you are ever in Santa Barbara, you HAVE to go to this place, so dang good! Instead of the normal corn or flour tortillas they use something called Paratha, the best way to describe it is like a flaky pastry, but not sweet, like a dessert.

They have unique tacos too, we had the pork belly, duck and lamb.

We chose to eat outside.

The top one is the duck and the bottom one was the pork belly, both of these were delicious. After we finished these, we were somewhat full, but wanted to try some other flavors...

p.s. Mr. took a bite out of the top one, before I yelled at him that I hadn't gotten a picture...if you look closely, you can see the missing bite, haha.

Second round was lamb (not as good, in my opinion as the first two, but still really good) and a queso oaxaca quesadilla. So dang good, seriously, that is a must have too! I would definitely go with someone you like so you can split everything, because these things are big!

Afterwards we went to see Black Panther, and it did not disappoint. We headed back to the hotel to relax a bit and of course go to happy hour. This time it was meatballs made by Oprah's chef, they were very good, no pictures, oops. Since we had a big lunch, and the happy hour we decided to skip dinner (thought happy hour could be considered dinner) and head to the beach to watch the sunset...unfortunately this beach is not west facing, but we still got some pretty views, despite how cold/windy it was.

We ended up walking to the end of the pier.

Last breakfast before leaving...we had such a lovely time reconnecting and being without the kids for a few days, but we were both ready to be home. Morning inspiration.

The breakfast...was some sort of corn and black bean with eggs? I can't remember what they said it was, but it was good!

Then we packed up and headed home. We hung out with the kids for a couple of hours and then I decided I wanted to hit up my normal Wednesday night workout class. Can you find me?

So that was our three days away. If you're still with me, thanks for sticking around for the full recap. I love reading back on these as the years pass, so that's for putting up with the long recaps.

So what are you doing this weekend? My brother is headed to town and we're hoping to hit up the flower fields as well. Plus Baby Fox's baseball game...going to be the first game where it is kid pitched...lord have mercy on us all!

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