Thursday, April 5, 2018

Sentence A Day: March Edition

It's the first Thursday of the month, which means that it's sentence a day. I love looking back on the month to see what I was up all seems to go by in a blur. Join us next month, it's only the 5th, you can catch up!

1 - Went and got one of my favorite sandwiches for lunch for someone's birthday, it was amazing.

2 - Dentist appointment, no cavities woo hoo!

3 - Medieval Times was awesome, the kids had a blast and was the best experience!

4 - Catch up/lazy days are the best.

5 - So much going on, Baby Fox has a baseball game, which Mini Fox has gymnastics...sad I had to miss Baby Fox's game.

6 - Hair cut for Baby Fox, he's so dang cute.

7 - R.I.P.P.E.D class, love my Wednesday night workouts.

8 - Mr. got home early and took Baby Fox to practice, woo hoo!

9 - Friday, which means dinner with friends, yay, smoked salmon for the win!

10 - Lots of crafting today, so proud of the sign I made, hope my Aunt likes it.

11 - Legoland to wear out the kids for the day light savings change, worked like a charm, they were out when we put them to bed at their normal bed time...which was really an hour early, did that make sense?

12 - What was I thinking, changing my work schedule, so now I wake up at 3:15am, and with the time change...I'm so tired!

13 - This much sass...I love her so much.

14 - Why did I start a new carpool that leaves an hour earlier during time change week?!?

15 - Happy Birthday Mr, it might have been a "regular" day, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

16 - Cause who doesn't make prime rib for dinner on a Friday after work, Happy Birthday Mr.!

17 - Surprise party for aunt total success!

18 - One of the best kid birthday parties ever, Laser Tag in the park, who knew they come to you?!

19 - Gymnastics and Trampoline day, I love how much they love taking classes.

20 - After work was a get stuff done kind of day.

21 - Worked out and it feels so good, need to make more time to do this.

22 - Doctors appointment, nothing big, realized I haven't gotten a physical in 2 years, oops!

23 - You know it's a good dinner with friends when they don't leave your house until almost midnight.

24 - Major Spring cleaning happening, it's nice to have a clutter free house, feels good!

25 - Got so much done today, I love productive weekends.

26 - Gymnastics and trampoline day, I get so much work done while they are in class.

27 - Mr came home early, yay!

28 - My favorite workout day.

29 - Signed Baby Fox up for Karate again, after 4 months off, we're back at it and better than ever!

30 - So sad...our Friday night dinner friends are gone for the weekend, insert sad face.

31 - Pretty much the perfect day, work out, steam room, mall with friends, bowling with different friends followed by homemade mac and cheese dinner.

Now link up your sentence a days! It's only April 5th, you can catch up and join us next month on May 3rd!

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