Monday, April 23, 2018

Spring In My World

Hi Foxy Friends! Welcome to Monday, I am currently on my way to Santa Barbara for a little get away with Mr. We booked this way back in December and it seemed like it was SO far away, but now we are here. It's been a hot second since we got away, so we're driving the fancy car (Mr. has a convertible Mercedes...or do you say Mercedes convertible...anyway, I call it the yellow car). So let's get to it...I'm linking up with the ladies over on The Blended Blog for a little Monday Asks. Today's topic is all about Spring where you live.

First off, for those of you that don't know I live in Southern California, west coast all the way. I grew up here (moved about 100 miles south of where I grew up), so I don't really know the seasons, but sometimes wish I went to college where it had seasons. I went to college about 50 miles south of where I grew up. I don't go far apparently.

Since this is a Monday, I decided to take pictures of things I saw over the weekend. So here is Spring in my world as of this weekend.

Friday was for getting ice cream as an after school treat.

It was windy...evident by my hair blowing I thought it was the perfect day to try out a kite...speaking of which, kite flying is an art I do not possess, it was hard yo. Or cheap kites don't fly?

And then someone brought their pet bunny to the park...totally random right?

Our friends came over for dinner, and I felt like surf and turf, so that's what I made.

I added some yummy ribs and baked potoato, not shown is the salad that I had too. Promise.

Saturday is made for all kids sports.

First we started with Mini Fox and soccer. (Mr. did her hair that day).

Then we followed up with some baseball.

The baseball was in Laguna Beach, this was the view from the baseball field.

After the game we took a short 4 minute drive to see the ocean view. It's called Top of the World in Laguna Beach if you are ever in the area and want to see it. It's a fun hike. You can drive to the top, and hike down or just enjoy the view. It was really clear when we first got there before the baseball game, but as the game went on the clouds rolled and it got grey outside, darn. Should have stopped to take the picture before the game.

As I was loading the pictures I accidentally got this cool shot.

Oh and we also went to the Little League was so much fun and hopefully we raised some money for the kids!

Sunday was for church, and some time with new church friends and running around talking and chatting with people. (Mini Fox is by the fountain and Baby Fox is by the pole light with the boy in the blue and white striped shirt).

Then we left the kids with a baby sitter and went wine tasting with my aunt.

It was the perfect day to wine taste and enjoy some good food and wine (they did, not me...someone had to drive).

And that my friends is Spring in my world. There are some flowers around, but mostly everything is green...for this short period of time after the rain has fallen and before the crazy heat hits. So I'm going to enjoy it while I can!

Now go link up what spring looks like in your world over on The Blended Blog.

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