Friday, April 20, 2018

Friday Favorites #160

Hi Foxy Friends! Today is my day off and I'm try to pack as much as I can into it. The list is endless, so we'll see how much I can squeeze into it. But here are my favorites from the week:

Monday: Spring Cleaning Your Whole House
Tuesday: Day In My Life
Wednesday: Florals and a Mermaid Look
Thursday: Planner Update/How I Organize My Life

I posted twice this week on my YouTube, one was a mermaid look and the other was how I felt my paper planners were working thus far into the year. Go check those out!

I also posted on my YouTube channel last week a new series of videos I'm doing, after a few posts I was going to do a full dedicated post. But you can take a peek before the blog post goes up if you want. I made a whole chicken in my Instant Pot, and you get to see me struggle to figure it out...I'm trying out recipes on the internet and giving you all the details about what I would change and you come along with me in my kitchen as I figure it out. Any recipes you want to see me try?

This past weekend was a blast. Friday we went to our friends house for dinner. I just love our Friday tradition of eating dinner with these folks. We told the kids to sit for their cookies and they sat right on the floor, haha, so funny.

Saturday, was a super busy day, I had to work the Little League Snack Shack, then head over with Mini Fox to her soccer game while Mr. took Baby Fox to his baseball game. Mini Fox did pretty good, got an assist and didn't run the opposite way from the ball...what more could you ask from a 4 year old?

Then Saturday night we dropped the kids at my parents house and drove to LA for my cousin's 40th birthday. It was great to help celebrate, especailly because we weren't going to go because Mr.'s Mom was coming into town, but had to cancel at the last minute.

Sunday we woke up early and got on the computer to try and secure a camping spot in Yosemite. This is our 3rd time trying and guess what?! By some miracle I got us a spot! We're so excited and will be spending the last part of summer break with our Friday night dinner friends and 4 days of camping.

Sunday night we went to my parents house for dinner. My dad's birthday was on Monday, so we celebrated one day early.

Then Baby Fox showed us one of his Karate tricks...actually I'm not sure where he learned think of sitting on your knees, and then in one movement jump to your feet. My dad bet me a dollar I couldn't do it...on the first try. I did it. We tried to record it, but it didn't work out.

The kids are wanting to get more involved with the kitchen. So slowly I'm letting them into the kitchen to cook some things. Here Mini Fox is stirring the mac and cheese (don't worry the stove is off).

And the other day she wanted to do the dishes, so dang cute! Yes this girl has 5 million night gowns.

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The Sephora VIB sale starts today, I went with a friend on Wednesday to scope out what we wanted to get, and here's what I'm getting:

This perfume, I don't normally wear perfume, but this one smells so good and is super light so it's the perfect Spring/Summer scent.

I need another eyeshadow palette like I need a hole in my head, but this one...oh my gosh, it is so silky smooth and swatches are intense and super pigmented.

I've been seeing a lot of make up looks using glitter, so naturally I want to try it out too. My friend said this one was awesome. I'm going to get it in Kitten Karma and Bronzed Bell

If you are needing a new foundation, this one is my new favorite, and makes your skin look flawless when paired with a translucent powder.

My friend said that this is part of her everyday make up routine and is a must for brightening. It goes under your concealer, so put this down then your concealer...hey if it's going to make this tired mama look brighter, I'm all in.

Somehow I got sucked into watching kids open their acceptance letters to college. This one was really sweet. You have to watch it, start at 1 minute, it's when she starts opening her letters. Speaking of college, have you seen how much college costs?! Crazy, so much pressure on these kids to get into college. I applied to 4 schools...yep, I had no real back up plan besides going to community college, then transferring out. I fear for my children!

I don't normally share religious things on the blog, but this just really tugged at the heart strings and got me all choked up. I just love the Pope Francis.

Happy weekend! Hope you're doing something fun!

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